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  1. Try again on the download. I managed to pull down three of the packages without a problem. As for the cert.. panicking is always a good option. But, wait until you've got that fresh copy in and see.
  2. Yes and no. This is one of the reasons why rocket science is hard. There is a whole bunch of Math! there that I will skim over. Because, I half understand it, and couldn't explain it. But if you want to you can look up PID controllers. There are better ones... but the math is very much heavier. IIRC, this is what the KSP stability control system use, and NASA in the Canadarms. In KSP, most oscillations are caused by "ship flop". I'm guessing on the code, but when the SAS tried to do its job, based on your settings, it looks at the shape of ship, mass, available force vectors, and distance to setting, all of which is relative to the "Point of Control", at that slice of time. It does it mathamagics and spits out the controls to the various devices. Now with a perfectly rigid spherical cow in a frictionless vacuum, it isn't a problem. The math can be solved over an espresso. But, in KSP we've only got one of those things, a frictionless vacuum. The ships have varying degrees of floppiness. This, means that in every time slice the ship has a different shape, which changes the force vectors, which changes the torques they generate. These changes can either increase the available torques or reduce them. Which then changes what the SAS has to work with. Depending on Factors! this will usually cause the SAS to drive the ship through it's desired setting, and then starts the oscillations that you see. I think there's something as well with regards to there being too much control force available... But that'll require a deep dive into the literature and something I don't want to do standing at the kitchen counter making lunch.
  3. Like talking and transforming, gimbaling is a free action. Yeah, it could have been made default... but given the nature of software I'm settle with an aesthetics issue over having to write one of the letters to the boss explaining why I just splashed a few million worth of hardware across a few square kilometers of landscape.
  4. Though if you are looking for stories, with varying degrees of lack of canonicity, and quality, you can rummage around in here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/39-ksp-fan-works/
  5. By searching the fora ... or clicking here
  6. check your video drivers version., against the manufacturer's website. given it's tanking in the vab/sph points it in that direction to start.
  7. Ah alas, if only the solution was better specs. KSP cares not about specs. So, the question is: what were you doing at the time the rate tanked? how many parts did your ship have? and are your drivers up to date?
  8. About the same way. Much the mechanics are the same, just one axis is greatly reduced, but trickier to work with. Assuming your initial bit has an available docking port on it; you just drive, or fly if you want to get really fancy, up to it and dock. But, the height of the two docks needs to be pretty close before you start trying.
  9. Buried deep in the code itself. There isn't a directory/file for such things
  10. Special relativity doesn't really kick in till you are around 1/2c and even then the clocks run at about 85% of normal to the outside viewer. To the inside view they still run at 100% of normal. What you are most likely seeing the fact that rocket science is hard. Well one aspect of it anyways. Rocket science is mathematically hard. You thought high school calculus was hard, this stuff makes HS Calc look like a cake walk. There are very few closed form equations in rocket science. unless you are dealing with spherical cows in a vacuum on a frictionless plane. Things get really ugly when dealing with varying masses and curving space-time. Pretty much one of the reasons that the Good Lord Math! asked the Good Lord Electronics! for the miracle of electronic analog computers. So to keep things simple some approximations are made. The majority of what you are seeing the accumulated errors from the approximations. They are much more visible with longer burns than short ones. The errors are kind of ignored since usually the burns are live monitored rather, than in a set and forget chain, so they can be extended as required.
  11. "I can grab the right end of a sword given three tries." "Those who don't study their technological history are forever doomed to reinvent it."
  12. Could also be sleep mode/data saving on a device. I know that one price of equipment that I had would kill the WiFi when it went to sleep. Rather annoying as I did want to actively watch the IRC channels that i was in.
  13. The other answer is to hac^h^h^h edit the part file to up the power. Though doing such is beyond my ken... for now bwahahaha <thunder and lightning effects> Dang I missed my effects guys.
  14. Try again for the pic. You will need to use something like Imgur. For several reasons, which shall be left as an exercise for the reader, I am unable to view files directly off of your comouter. Though the presented path does confirm that you are using some variant of the Microsoft operating system family. And I know that there are some techno-historians that will say that several early nineties OSes did keep the letter conventions of MS. But, I they can be excluded as the skill to get KSP running in such an environment would be in the great master level.
  15. You still need to confirm and report back that driver version number. <insert riff on Monty Python's parrot sketch> When your system locks up tighter than [EXPUNGED. Wow, both vulgar and blasphemous, ed.] when renaming a folder you've got a few bigger problems than just KSP won't run.
  16. Just checking if you managed to confirm that driver number. The highest number that's rated for your card is 460-something, based on what's on the Nvidia site. But... given what you've presented for addition computer behaviors it looks like it is coming close to the state that some in the industry call hoséd. And it will need a complete stripdown-rebuild, not something anybody here will be able to walk you through, given your stated level of computer knowledge.
  17. best confirm that number. Nvidia doesn't have that high a driver number. Reboot <-- turn off and back on. Reset <- depends on the context... usually some form of revert settings to factory state.
  18. Which is really odd as the pair of commands don't touch anything but that specific folder. Reset or reboot? What is the version of the graphics card driver?
  19. Well let's try this. - Open the command prompt -type in cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common" and press enter -then type in ren "Kerbal Space Program" silly_folder press enter -then reinstall
  20. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt, the mug, and collector's edition hat. Proposals will be considered.
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