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  1. hello I have a question ARe you going to create generators to produce the power required for these drives.
  2. You guys swoop in quick. I think my intended question is quite obvious and the answer to that question was answered by the speed of your reaction to a comment on this thread. Thank you.
  3. Hey Spartwo hows it goin? Looks good. So i guess RP is allowed now.
  4. BD armory was fun for a bit but in turn based there was no point, you just fill your craft with 30 mm Vulcan cannons and empty them into anything and it will vanish from existence. I like putting a stock missile on my ships anyway, with a 500 km range. BD cant to much against that. Ah the age old question to BD or not to BD? That is the question.
  5. So here are some of the ships in my fleet. Class: DDG-013 Type: Heavy Destroyer Class: LCG-210 Type: Light Attack Cruiser Class: SF-109 Type: Orbital Fighter Interceptor Class: ACG-008 Type: Heavy Assault Cruiser
  6. Hows it goin yall? As for a good core, go with the square on, it has the highest weight to structure tolerance ratio of them all. Surround it inside a structural hex beam and it should be good.
  7. Hey spar I meant other players are playing
  8. Cool thanks I missed Spartwo and the others. It has just been crazy.
  9. This looks familiar. I was part of the original gentalmen's battle club back in the day, nice to see someone is continuing the tradition. Looks like fun. Do you have room for another player?
  10. o,0 cause kerbals are perfectly harmless. They would never make anything that blows up.
  11. Back is a relative term. Still no reliable PC but I can at least come here and tease my self with the fun your all having. I see a lot of new stuff.
  12. I love those ships but I forgot the websight.
  13. That looks like a baylon 5 warlock class earthforce destroyer. I like the colors too. You should make some armed starfuries to go with it.
  14. Because no one has posted in this thread for over a year I want to say that I hope that KSP stays peaceful focusing on the engineering. If in the future the weapons mods get better then I may add one but until then I will be making all my weapons stock.
  15. Sup guys the map is now updated if you are not on it and want to be PM on the forum How everyone doing?
  16. yes i have plans but will be working a lot this week. sunday is my goal.
  17. cool just pm me death we will work something out.
  18. ill check them out, as well as infernal robotics or whatever its called now. the turrets and robot arms should be stock anyway. Kethain will be used in the game though. I guess ive never had a problem with anything under 500 parts on the surface of kerbin. and as far as guided missiles go i pilot mine manualy and can hit 8 of 10 targets with them but i have a lot of practice. if you want we can scype about it and see what mods would be best suited for our game. we have moved passed the basic play phase and now we should be putting in extra stuff to make it more interesting. your vary right about the GAU19 lol its a crazy op weapon. ill check out the other weapons that people are putting out as well.
  19. i considered the B9 mod too but im worried that and update will ruin the craft.
  20. not to mention that most of the mods dont even work right.
  21. depends on the weapon i use missiles that have 8 parts on some of my low part count rovers they are still under 120 parts fully armed. and they are better than most other larger missiles with more parts. not to mention that the missils in the laser mod are auto hit so its very difficult to judge a turn based battle and the RT multi player mods are quite glitchy. the only mod i have considered for weapons is the cannon mod but the shells do very little damage. the other was the gatling cannon but it is way to powerfun and has no ammo limitations.
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