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  1. Wow. Great revision on the format, much nicer than last weeks. A really good read overall, and while i dont console game much anymore with not having a new gen console and having my laptop instead, im still really happy to hear that Squad is looking to expand their user/player base.
  2. I personally think that KSP wont ever be finished, and that it will stay in a permanent beta-ey stage until squad decides they're done with it, and at which point, the community will band together and take it over like FAF. That just seems the most likely option, and if we ever see a KSP 2.0, it wont be a new KSP, it will just be the next milestone update, like 1.0, and 0.90.
  3. I know submissions are closed, but this is what ive came up with so far for this challenge. Will probably enter next time. Is the Weapon Pack being built for the new BDA?
  4. Lol. New thread is now over 1000 Pages long, no mention of a replacement XD
  5. Nice Work man, this is really good. Clever use of fairings for the tail and engine pods, How did you get the jets to work like that?
  6. TBH, pretty much everything. If i use one Dll, the entire other mod's parts stop working, and vice versa.
  7. Hi there. So, im running a rather heavily modded install right now for some military vehicle design, and im hving a conflict in mods. Specifically, with this mod, and the adjustable landing gear. Simply, if i use the adjustable landing gear's Dll provided, then this mod ceases to function, and vice versa for this mods BahaAnimationModuules.dll Is there any known fix for this?
  8. Roverdude, how do you have the time to be this epicly useful to the community??
  9. Well, that would be an epic birthday present "Or if you mention the gap at the four peace package: 22.7.2015"
  10. COMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIC SAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Love the camera shake plan, and im really liking the new features like aero and fairings! Good work Squad! (And good on the mods for the epic prank. Nice Icon, Sumghai :3)
  11. I think that would count as Staging, even if it didnt use the staging interface.
  12. I agree with you and Regex on this one. While we dont need to replace anyone, it would be nice to see a Kerbelle join the staff of KSC, and the engineer's report seems like the perfect spot.
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