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  1. What about randemly generated danger zones. Also I doubt that quicksave and quickload will be availible in carrear. It just dosent make anny sence to have it in carrear. Great Idea bro!
  2. So, lets just say somebody I know happens to have a ship in orbit around kerbol. How might one rescue said ship. (I'm asking for a friend.) =P
  3. Thanks, Ive decided to go with the i3, multitasking isent a huge issue. And I doubt I will be overclocking since ive heard it makes your computer unstabel. Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Thanks, I think I might use this. However I still cant decide weather to go wtih the i3 or not. I'm a ksp fan, and intell offers more per core preformance, and since ksp only uses 1 core, I might witht the i3.
  5. That looks like a good card, but I'm allready over budget. However this may be a future upgrade. I want to know if that i3 I listed is better then the amd I have in the list. If its not to far off, I stil might get is cus that opens the doors to the better intel's down the road. But if it just isent worth it, I can make do using amd cpu's.
  6. I'm planing on building my own pc, this is what I'm gonna go for. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/MrKicker/saved/2egH I'm thinking of redoing that but using this instead, since it then opens the door to i5's and i7's in the future. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80637i33220 If you guys could please tell me if I should stick with the amd or go with the intell i3 that would be great. Also if you could help by making modifications to the parts list listed above that would be nice aswell. Just so you know my budget is $700.
  7. I might redo this. But first I need you guys to compair this http://pcpartpicker.com/part/intel-cpu-bx80637i33220 to the amd I have in the list.
  8. A rocket that delivers its payload and destroys itsself with minimal parts.
  9. That might be a future upgrade, id like to put my os aswell as slow games on a ssd, since viruses usualy target your os. And since my important stuff is on the main storage, I just have to get a new ssd and os and I'm running again. But due to the fact that I'm allready over budget, I can save that for lator. Remember its suposto be upgradeable.
  10. Swithced out the graphics cards for something cheaper, and not from radeon. I would switch out the power suplie for something cheaper with less wattage, but I couldent find anny thats reliable. Most of the cheaper psu's were dead on arival acording to the reviews.
  11. So my laptop is starting to get tired. I'm estimating that my hdd is the first thing that's gonna go 'cause the transfer rate is slowing down. My cpu and video card are really slow. (They aren't showing sings of fatigue, they are just crap.) So I threw this together. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/MrKicker/saved/22C1 My target is $700, but after finding out Linux still isn't compatible with most games, (I know ksp has Linux version but its not the only game I play.) I put a copy of windows on there. However the $700 budget still stays, my goal for this pc is for it to be cheap but upgradable when I need the extra power. So if you could please modify it do be under $700 and still be upgradeable, that would be nice.
  12. How about pods start off with hatches, but you can move them around to difrent parts of the pod and add more if needed. That would fix the large 3man capsule akward door placment.
  13. sometimes large craft like to rotate for no reason whatsoever. However, timewarp cancels all rotation.
  14. Heres a sight with a tutorial and a calcualtor. http://ksp.olex.biz/ And heres a usefull chart. http://i.imgur.com/9xvAsIT.png
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