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  1. I may have found a limitation... (If this information is accurate) I found this on the KSP Wiki for the RAPIER engine: " On the other hand, it delivers better performance than the J-X4 "Whiplash" Turbo Ramjet Engine at high speeds (~1000 m/s and higher) and altitudes (~17 km and higher), making it a good choice for high-speed atmospheric flight. Top speed is ~2,100 m/s in kerbins atmosphere(mach 6.2) " Does anyone have any advise for achieving Mach 7 and beyond?
  2. I would like some help further developing a Transcontinental aircraft, and application for this challenge. I've been trying to build a Mach7+ aircraft both stock and/or with mod parts (expressly the [1.3.0] OPT Space Plane v2.0.1 mod and it's Scramjet engine), FAR mod not installed. However I'm running into thermal problems. Using OPT Scramjet engines, I can't get any cockpit to withstand the temperatures at around 2100-2150m/s Below is the best I can get from stock parts (KSP version 1.3.1). Additionally, imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/yKLY0 Does anyone have some advise for me to: 1. Build a plane that will achieve Mach 7, 8, or 9, in atmosphere. 2. Build a plane that will achieve Mach 7+ and the cockpit not explode due to max temp. I'm looking forward to your helpful advise. p.s. I am aware it is possible and easier to go faster at higher altitudes, however, for the plane pictured above, this craft achieved a higher speed at low altitude with the RAPIER engines by a difference of 200m/s.
  3. I'd like to suggest placing " You may not crash! " in the list of rules/guidelines, more clearly. Perhaps as it's own line closer to the top. nestled in the line about where landing, and how many points you get for landing there, it's not as predominate as I assume it was intended.
  4. Second attempt: (5) stock parts ..... $8,832 ..... 108,847m ..... (1) "Landing" If the engine hadn't have broken off and rolled down the hill, I would have scored: .405 Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/o3YB7 Edit: Apparently this is a common strategy. =\ I'll try something else.
  5. My first attempt: (4) stock parts ..... $8,432 ..... 113,321m ..... (1) bounce ..... (1) crash Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/zuHLV Edit: Apparently this is a common strategy. =\ I'll try something else.
  6. Built a complicated SSTO/Transcontinental aircraft, with all the abilities including all experiment apparatuses, ladders, docking, cargo, etc. Adding more, and more parts and capabilities, up-sized the landing gear... build, build, build..... → Launch... ground clearance problems, revert, fix. → Launch, landing gear out of alignment? what? Fix them, move gear a little down, a little out. → Launch. Success! I get it to Kerbin north pole, Pilot jumps out to celebrate and plant a flag! Woohoo! Ok, let's get back in and go home. ..... Ladder doesn't reach the ground because I made the landing gear too tall. -------------------- Needed to make a low budget science gathering journey to Mun, it was incredibly difficult (for me, at the time) finally get it all designed, under budget, and with JUST enough dV to get there and back. Launch, fly, fly, fly, mechanic of the orbitals, sketchy landing... nothing broken... alright! Science time! ..... forgot the experiment equipment. -------------------- (years later...) Planning Mun mission to collect all possible science from each of the Mun's biomes, wonderfully designed, allowed for beautiful execution of the mission. I collected tons of science from each of the biomes, it took a while, and careful course plotting (biome hopping) to use as little dV as possible. Leave the Mun, return home, checking the list of science collected, notice an absence of gravity scans. That's odd. Those experiments don't have to be reset after they are run... What the heck happened?!? Go to the VAB, load up the craft ..... not a single Gravioli Detector was installed on the craft. Have to go back to each Mun Biome. -------------------- More Science experiment woes: Early in career mode, need science points, load up a craft with the science equipment I have unlocked... ok let's do this! Get to destination... No Materials observation?!?! ..... I had installed a Mobile Processing Lab, and not a Science Jr. because the parts look exactly the same. -------------------- Needed a satellite around Kerbol, designed one, launched it, burn to make Kerbol orbital insertion burn... Success! Time warp out of Kerbin SOI, into Kerbol SOI to circularize orbit... warp, warp, warp..... go back to normal view from map view... Can't control anything? No connection?!?!? ..... chose the wrong antennae, I was out of range.
  7. Yea, two screens here as well, I'd love to run KSP on multi-monitors, your screenshots have me brimming with envy. If I were to attempt that with my current setup I may as well call it Bezle Space Program... wha wha This is an EXCELLENT post. I'm constantly trying to convince people of the advantages of multiple screens, and I'm glad there are others out there that explain and help other so well. Thank you for researching possible problems people may face, explaining the solutions, as well as your suggestions and tips. I may just break down and buy a third monitor. =)
  8. Honestly, I suggest using HyperEdit mod (you can auto-install it using CKAN), or altering the orbit information of each spacecraft in the .sfs save file. Those will be the easiest, and more accurate ways to get your 3, already in orbit, satellites to the exact orbit, and exact periods you want. The way I view HyperEdit is that if I've already gotten an object to the desired orbit and positioned them once, then I will use HyperEdit to fine tune the precision, and/or make the orbital parameters EXACT. When I know I can do it (and have done it at least once) in KSP given enough real-world time, then I'll use HyperEdit to save myself some real world time. Otherwise I feel like I'm cheating.
  9. My 5yo daughter loves your Burger Mod, I installed it so she and I could have some silly fun in KSP, but it turned out to be more important than that.  It was the catalyst to get her into KSP, properly.  Granted she still loves to make silly craft (she's 5) but she now has a bigger interest in rockets, space vehicles, and learning about our solar system.  So while you (or others) may think this is just for giggles, know that it is appealing for a young audience, and enables parents to share KSP with their sub-8yo children. Thank you for making it.  (also, my daughter was wondering if it were possible to make rockets out of pizza :D )

    BTW I thoroughly enjoy many of your other mods as well.  You do great work, and thought you deserved to know that people enjoy what you've created.  Fuel Tanks plus, and SpaceY are my favorites.  I hope you continue to develop, refine, and release new material.

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      Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot to know that it's all being put to good use, and it's great to hear about the Burger Mod making such a good impression! that's wonderful news! :):D



  10. @K.Yeon I'm not big on posting here (I prefer to read), but after using OPT parts in one way or another on almost all my craft, (many times 75%+ of the craft) I felt you deserved to know that I love your parts. In my opinion they are some of the best looking parts available for the game. They line up very well, excellent textures/meshes, perform well, it's just an all around great mod. You have done excellent work on it. Thank you for this mod, it has surpassed B9 to become may favorite parts library.
  11. WOW, this OP is amazing! Well detailed, simply explained, and the illustrations are incredibly helpful. Thank you so very much for this information, and presenting it in a manner that is easy for the lay to digest. It is quite evident that you put a lot of love and effort into it. I can't thank you enough. Great work @keptin !!!
  12. This got me to forget the troubles of my work today, and made me laugh. Thank you JebKerboom.
  13. This would be great! I'm running into conflicting action group commands when docking base modules to each other, rovers to bases, and ascent vehicles to bases. You'd also run into this when docking multiple ships to space stations. Then again, this could be alleviated if you had the ability to select which craft's action group took precedence.
  14. Well you can always DL a mod, install it, then go through the part files and delete the ones you don't want.