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  1. What's your building style?

    This got me to forget the troubles of my work today, and made me laugh. Thank you JebKerboom.
  2. More action groups!

    This would be great! I'm running into conflicting action group commands when docking base modules to each other, rovers to bases, and ascent vehicles to bases. You'd also run into this when docking multiple ships to space stations. Then again, this could be alleviated if you had the ability to select which craft's action group took precedence.
  3. Well you can always DL a mod, install it, then go through the part files and delete the ones you don't want.
  4. What counts as a low orbit over Kerbol?

    well, my mistake then. Sorry.
  5. What counts as a low orbit over Kerbol?

    Check this out: Low Kerbin Orbit
  6. Yes, Lack Luster Labs has A LOT of rectangle and square parts, windowed walkways, Habitats included.
  7. Name the Easter Egg Hunter Ship

    KSS Discovery
  8. 1. Adding basic craft stats to the game - I agree with adding craft stats into the stock game. The thing I've loved the most about this game is learning. Reenforcing terms and math I've used in the past, learning of new terms and procedures, and learning to plan out missions before they leave. Because of this I think it would be great for a new player to learn what Delta-V is, and how it is used. Having it as optional is obviously ideal, perhaps even unlock-able after a criteria is met. We all know that people play KSP differently, some just like to build, some just like to fly, some like to plan missions, some want to conquer the system. I believe a majority of people that will pick up the game will not be prepared with the knowledge to conquer the system and easily travel to other worlds. They will be experimenting with builds and missions. If the option were there to display craft stats, like mass, TWR, and Delta-V they could begin to learn WHY their craft or mission didn't work. Providing a problem and/or situation to solve; rather than a "mystery" to solve, AND THEN a problem to solve. To this end, I believe craft stats would be a good addition to the stock game. An indispensable utility for the pros, and a learning tool for the beginners. 2. Re-entry Heat. I agree with the devs on this topic. However I can understand why some players would like to have it in game. How about the ability to select re-entry heat to be turned on or off in the settings? Like selecting a difficulty level. 3. Tech tree/Tutorials - I agree there should be a few more tutorials in the beginning of the game, there are many tools and procedures that are left to the player to "run into" and then not know what to do. The tech tree could be reworked a little to be more well rounded, and science a little harder to get. As of now you can build 1 to two craft and easily unlock a majority of the tech tree with just a few missions. You are able to unlock all of(pretty close to all) the techtree with out even making it to another planet. I believe the science requirements and when you unlock parts of it should reflect the kind and amount of parts available. Either tweak the science or add more parts. 4. Unmanned/Manned - I believe this can be address with a tech tree adjustment. 5. Publicizing development schedule - Letting the public know your full direction, schedule, and priorities for stages of development would be a bad thing for the entire community. 6. There's a mod for that - From what I understand Squad is not that big, and from what I assume can't afford to be big. So the amount of Devs available to dedicate to aspects of the game is limited. Because of this I don't expect them to be able to keep up with player demand for more options, more parts, more features, and all the other creative ideas that the public comes up with. I actually like that mods are allowed to be applied, and that the community creates their own additions to the game. You get to, well, modify the game as you wish. If you want to fully cheat, you can, if you just want a little more information about your craft you can. It creates a level of player involvement with their game, you can choose to have pure stock, just one or two mods, or a plethora of mods.
  9. [Showcase] Post your Bases

    That's looking really good Ironwatsas. I'm having a long process with my base structures as well. Kind of taking a little break at the moment. I'm liking yours, good work.
  10. [Showcase] Post your Bases

    This is my first attempt at designing a base. please be kind. Here are the first 6 structures of my base, I've still to build the Kethane purposed structures.
  11. I'm wondering how people design a variety of things. Rockets - When I design a rocket I more or less build the rocket under the payload until I get the Delta-V I want in each stage. If I am creating complex fuel lines, for "asperagus" staging then I might sketch it out on paper first. Base - I recently started designing and building a Base, for which I sketched out what kind of structures I wanted (but not parts) then experimented with building in both the SPH and VAB. Getting the structures to line up for docking was tedious, I wish there was an easier way. Spaceplanes - When I attempt to build a spaceplane, it's trial and error, and 90% of the time it's error. I'm horrible at designing spaceplanes, I wish I was much much better. Space Station - I have yet to design a space station. Refueling / interplanetary - I've yet to design either of these. I've just built an extra large rocket with a stage that was docked so I could meet up with it in orbit after a landing. So I'm wondering, how do you guys plan, design and build for your missions. On the fly in the building? paper sketches? spreadsheets? part lists? I ask because I hope to learn from any advice you might have.
  12. What causes this oscillation?

    I'd tried that initially, but it got really top heavy, really fast. I'll look around at some mods to see what they offer. I only have a few at the moment. B9, KW, Keth, RemoteTech
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Those are pretty sweet!Where are you getting blue lights? And that Goliath... I like that a lot! Excellent work.
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    How do you get the boom to pivot? I've been wanting to do the same, I have a smaller one, but I want the arm to rotate.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    I was highly inspired by many of the designs I have seen around the site, you guys have some really impressive builds! So I thought I would try my hand at base design and construction. I wanted a modular design because my vision is quite grand. I new I wanted it to be a Keth facility with some functional aesthetics. I also thought a "corridor fork" would look cool too which took some geometry and patience. Anyway, here is the first 6 structures of my base design. Center outward (right then left) Control Tower, corridor fork, corridor, Power Tower. Corridor fork, corridor, Radio Tower, Tracking Station.