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  1. Updating thread, thanks for your feedback
  2. Jeb is frustrated on how days last so short on Kerbin and wants more sunshine. However due to the recent *cough* complicated mission to eve *cough* which did totally not bring him a couple million meters above the sun, Jeb is sure he wants to stay on the planet. After confronting the Mission Control, Jeb got to learn that slowing down Kerbin is pretty impossible. So Jeb got his own idea ; To construct a plane and fly it against the rotation of the planet so he could take off from the Space Centre and fly in the sunshine all the way back to the Space Centre again. Summary : Build a plane Take off Fly against the rotation of the planet. Be in the sunshine all the time! Land back at KSC after you've completed a full orbit around kerbin in atmosphere and in sunshine! Difficulties : - Most Easy : Make a plane all engines allowed with infinite fuel and do the challenge. - Easy : Make a plane with jet engines and infinite fuel and do the challenge - Normal : Make a plane with any kind of engines and do the challenge without infinite fuel. - Hard-ish : Make a plane with only non-jet/ion engines and do the challenge without infinite fuel. - Hard : Make a plane with only ION engines and do the challenge without infinite fuel. 2 nuclear reactors allowed. Dropping stuff allowed. - Even Harder : Make a plane with only ION engines and do the challenge without infinite fuel. 2 nuclear reactors allowed. Dropping stuff not allowed. - Infiniglide : Make an infiniglider with no engines and do the challenge. - Manned Infiniglide : Make an infiniglider with no engines and do the challenge. Must be manned. - Kraken drive - Make a kraken drive powered plane and do the challenge. Please note that infigliding is only allowed in the infiniglide difficulty. Good luck pilots
  3. Put together random plane parts to make a plane that i could smash. Suprisingly enough, when i tested it it worked perfectly and managed to land.
  4. Have played about 190 hours. Yet i have still not been on Eeloo. Mostly because i'm so fascinated with Eve, Duna, Kerbin and their moons and space in general.
  5. Noen som har lyst på baot-ıs?
  6. One of my favorite crafts i've ever made : Lands, takesoff, crashlands and drives on water perfectly, it also flies!
  7. Well as a smaller child, i once experienced power outage because of a dumb truck driver cutting the power lines with his truck. (He drove twice the speed limit into a power line, i am just glad the poles didn't fall down)
  8. I was going to recommend planetary annihilation, then i read you wanted relaxing games... I find spore somewhat relaxing, the creature and cell stage is very simple.
  9. You can download it legally and free from this website : http://files.tauniverse.com/files/ta/
  10. I'm planning on donating to that kickstarter, really just to get access to early beta.
  11. Long story short, a time ago a company named uber entertainment asked players if they wanted a new RTS game, people said yes and uber launched a kickstarter. The kickstarter was very sucsesfull with having more than 2 million dollars donated of the original 400k dollars they needed. The game is currently in Gamma stage of developement and pretty expensive at the moment (50$) but it will get cheaper as developement progress. Oh yeah i forgot to tell what it is about. In planetary annihilation all players start off with one robot commander. The commander is like the king in chess, if he dies the game is lost. The commander so builds metal extractors, powerplants and factories which can make attack units or just fabricators which can construct things that the commander can't However, the main feature of the game is probably what makes it so unique ; Smashing planets You can travel to another planets and build engines on them, then you can send them to destroy enemy bases, the good about this is that there is nothing the enemy can do to prevent it when it first have started, and if he does not have good enough surveillance he might not discover it and leaves his commander in the base when he actually has time to get him away. It is a really awesome game i recommend everyone to check it out. You can buy it trought steam or at http://uberent.com (I recommend to buy it trought the uberent website, it costs less and you can upgrade it later) Btw here's a replica of an orbital fabricator from the game in KSP (May be the wrong place to post this image but i just felt i had to)
  12. I filled out the form, and i would love to help you with video editing my only problem is that my computer is so slow it can't record very high quality videos. Luckly i probably have some computers i can loan which may be able to record stuff much better.
  13. I have no idea what a capital ship is, but guessing from your pictures it seems like some sort of mothership. I think i have some (cool) motherships lying around on ksp.
  14. First : This is impossible due to the game engine Second : The only way we could do it is to use asteroids and connect them in an orbit around gilly, everything else would crash the game.