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  1. its weird, i test it on my latest progres and it still say no engineers , but when i try on new game sandbox mode, it dont have that problem
  2. can i know why i get "no engineers in the workshop" everytime i press construct kit while i use it with MKS?
  3. I get a headache making my model low poly since it has many poly to reduce small rcs tank has 10k vert lol
  4. try include this in cfg MODULE { name = ModuleSAS } if more than 2 resource is in a part a bug happened
  5. question: which more memory friendly, make small detail in the model or texture ?
  6. rough modeling so how do i calculate the volume for each resource?
  7. whoa, looks like many full fledge modder are in looks like we need some soft of price for the winner other than picking next part...
  8. my opinion is we can use whatever 3d software we want as long as we get the model center of origin ( center of mass in unity thus ksp ) right
  9. i too use blender last time i try to mod ksp since its on the tutorial can i use spaceclaim , UV layout and materialize magic without blender to export to unity?
  10. on development Tower for kerbal sleeping, and another that hadn't finished a Fuel Tower and a miner i dont know what i'm thinking while making this, so hope you guys find it usefull and i had make a rover for moving this while in box form
  11. sorry my english is not that good, umm cycle = motorbike?