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  1. DLC's aren't bad but I don't want core systems held back for a DLC; make it stuff for expansions of the base game but not core details. Also the ease of installation of tweaking the values in KSP is amazing. IF I am so inclined to go into the folder and change the available science or money that I have to utilize without actually doing anything then great. I have several different game saves of KSP that I play off and on from time to time and each one is setup different. One of them is strictly based on career progression and uses what I term realistic budgets. The others are in career mode as well but are focused on having finite resources and they only work off of contracts for various things but the main thing for each of them is the ability as a player to open up the files in Notepad++ and search for money or science and tweak the values accordingly based on the type of game I am playing. So please don't take that away from old guys that don't want to spend forever learning about various rocket engines and how to fly rockets without things like Mechjeb or many other mods that make it fun.
  2. I would like to see the following updated: Probe Control Room, KerbalGPS, NSS/OctoSat and Kerbal Launch Failure
  3. Just because it said "incompatible" doesn't mean it will not work. Mine said the same thing and I didn't reinstall anything for KSP. I simply updated and then started a new career mode game and it all worked.
  4. Would be glad to assist with helping to deprecate parts as needed. I guess you just want us to download the latest version off the GitHub and go from there?
  5. Yep Kerbalism creates a problem with numerous contracts and missing parts in the space ships. Not going to be able to use it even though I love the geiger counters and various other things it gives us to play with.
  6. hmmm I didn't think about Kerbalism. Time to pull that mod from the list and see what happens. I just haven't seen the dang piece in anything whether it was stock or modded but I can see it in the VAB and SPH when I load up a craft file that has it in there.
  7. I am super frustrated by this problem I keep having. I am always Missing the Science Experiment Storage Container no matter if I do this as a modded installation or unmodded installation. I checked it three times before posting this by completely wiping out the install of KSP and then meticulously loading in one mod at a time until I go to the end. Each time I loaded KSP the container shown in the linked image is always missing. The vast majority of my ships use Stock parts almost exclusively although this is not one of them. Some help would be awesome because I can't find any reference of this anywhere; here is my output log file in case you need it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just dealt with that same situation there...Gigabyte was gracious enough to allow me to RMA my motherboard and then they provided me with a "nothing wrong in multiple configurations" statement. I haven't hooked it up again but instead went ahead and bought a new board and CPU. Make sure you do the paper clip test to verify that the power supply isn't the culprit also. If it isn't booting or powering on at all it could just be the motherboard and thankfully many motherboards are capable of supporting older chips IF you need it. Paper clip test video:
  9. Hate to see it go the way of the DoDo bird but I completely understand the feelings behind it.
  10. Having the same issue with Spacedock still (just checked prior to posting); however I did utilize one of the other 2 sources for the downloads. Thanks for the effort and a great mod setup.
  11. I can say that the wobble is back in Mechjeb with 1.4.1 and using the 789 dev build.
  12. Happy to report that the Mechjeb 789 Dev build is working fine in 1.4.0 as is the Mechjeb Universal dll pack.
  13. I have not used the Planet Editor function at all. I didn't personally see a reason to use it so I have no thoughts on it other than whatever you guys decide to do.
  14. Well it came through when I was using CKAN...don't know where it pulled from and don't care since CKAN porked my installation of KSP 3x in 3 days so I am back to the good old fashioned using downloaded mods from other places methods. Anyway still having the same issue with Spacedock, Curse and Github versions....think I am going to disable Defender and run it anyway since it seems to be a false positive.