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  1. @Keniamin I tried this mod and also had the same problem as @yobeeb. It seems to happen only on 'service' flights where you are only transporting a few passengers, when you are transporting a large number of passengers on a commercial contract the appropriate 'load passengers' box comes up and it seems to work. If I remember correctly I was using 1.6.1 and a re scale mod.
  2. Was the AI aiming of fixed guns fixed this update? Even with version in ksp 1.5.1, they still cannot hit the target if it is flying straight or maneuvering slightly, the lead is always a little low.
  3. @DoctorDavinci I checked before I posted and it did not say that lmfao. 1 hour ago there was an edit (around the time i posted/you guys read my comment), wonder what that could have changed ? I love how you guys have to keep the appearance of always being right no matter what, like [snip] just admit you were wrong about something. @SpannerMonkey(smce) I'm not tryna insult you, I am just stating the fact that your forum post is cluttered. Clearly, you realised what I said about the whole SM industries installation being a little confusing for readers must have been correct because you have
  4. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Your red bold text makes it clear that you MUST download SM industries and makes it seems as if it is a separate dependency that you have to download, which leads to confusion when it is included. As problem is the fact that the separate download itself is outdated/broken, how can you say you and your team make sure everything loads if it clearly doesnt with the separate SM Industries? It's your fault that on your cluttered forum post every other sentence says "MUST DOWNLOAD SM INDUSTRIES", even though its included with each folder.
  5. @jrf @SpannerMonkey(smce) I had the problem with the T90FG parts not loading in as well, make sure to only use the SMAFV and SMIndustries or whatevers its called that is included in the download. Do not download and use the separate SM Industries as it is outdated or something idk, only use the SMindustries included in the folder for the game to load.
  6. Custom weapon mod parts don't show up in BDA tab (Aviator Arsenal specifically) because of the category refractor, is there any way to make them have their own custom category now?
  7. Is there any plan to balance cannon vs. ballistic damage for NAS turrets. Right now even a 40mm bofors deals more damage than a 5 inch ballistic gun.
  8. @Acea The torpedoes are broken in the new BDA "Naval Combat" update, they sink to the bottom of the ocean. BDA officially implemented torpedo/depth charge coding, so the NAS torpedoes are broken as off now...
  9. @Beetlecat Yeah that is what i was trying to say, same thing happens with the biplane wheels too...
  10. @blackheart612 Is there a bug with the mirroring with ww1 type fixed landing gear? When rotating it, it will automatically flips so you cant actually have it facing the way you want.
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