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  1. Put up a submission like in the example to avoid misunderstandings and I will happily add you.
  2. No, as it is a pretty large part of the challenge. Though feel free to try, and it will be included in the mod leader board. If you want your craft added to the leader board you need to fulfill the requirements set in the rules. And avoid part clipping (fairing clipping engines). Though I am seriously impressed by the speed you accomplished. He accomplishes the speed by clipping several nosecones into each other to reduce drag and provide a powerful heat shield, also the sepatrons are clipped into the body to reduce drag. A serio
  3. I created a challenge thread, feel free to participate:
  4. Example submission: In the VAB: In flight: Top speed in flight: Flight data: Summary: The speed achieved was 1780 m/s at a top altitude of 317 m above sea level. Use this as a bench mark for future submissions.
  5. The Hot Needle Challenge Going beyond Ludicrous speed at sea level! The Challenge: Reach the highest speed possible below 600m (Sea level). The Rules: 1. No cheating. 2. No part clipping. 3. No infinite fuel. 4. Difficulty Normal. 5. No mods, DLC allowed. 6. You must provide a image of your craft in VAB or SPH(with and without exploded faring), a image of the craft in flight, and a image of the post flight data. Video is preferable. 7. The judges have the final say if your craft is legitimate. Extra Challenges: 1. Have the cr
  6. Hey folks, Me and my friend had a crazy challenge to go as fast as possible below 1000m. We managed 1984 m/s. (Yes, this is a poor image. ) The issue we faced is everything overheating and exploding around 1800 m/s, which seems to be a almost hard limit without shenanigans. Does anyone know if this is possible without cheating?
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