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  1. If you look in your 1st post in this thread you have a list of images for parts. There is a picture of a part called "Winch port M" and this part is missing in the editor. All the tutorials and reviews of KAS specifically mention how important this part is and without it, the mod won't work. I am trying to build a skycrane with your mod and when I attached the winch to a grapple or magnet without this part, it seems like the winch isn't actually connected to these parts at all :/
  2. Hello I am missing the "winch port M" and cannot get the winch to work without it. I've tried installing with CKAN and Manually but part is still missing. I also have KIS installed. Am I doing something wrong? I have reproduced this issue in a clean install with only KAS and KIS mods installed. The little winch port connector which is crucial for the mod simply doesn't exist anywhere in the editor.
  3. I just found your tree and am very impressed. I recently restarted a campaign with ca. 50 mods and am playing with the near future technologies tree. I decided not to install Interstellar due to using the NF tree. My question is whether I can install Interstellar and then use your tree and nothing will be broken? Or whether I will have to start over I realize it's impossible for you to guarantee nothing being broken, I guess what I'm after is sort of an educated guess whether installing Interstellar this late in my career and using your tree will break my save or not.
  4. Haha, maybe my screen isn't correctly calibrated
  5. I created the SAS and RCS parts I was talking about. Here's a showcase video that also includes ObsessedWithKSP's decoupler because I thought that was pretty nifty. Parts copied from Porkjet's dronecore Parts color-coded somewhat according to KSP principles. RCS is yellow, decoupler is red and SAS is orange Get all the parts here - Download original look from Mega - Download colorful look from Mega This redistribution has been permitted by Porkjet.
  6. This is career mode and the Rapier is unlocked very late and so is the double engine adapter. Clipping means risk of bugs. I'm finally playing a career playthrough which I expect to finish and am not willing to run the risk of losing Kerbals due to clipping. While I appreciate all the suggestions, these are simple things that I've ruled out for design reasons. I like pretty planes The Dronecore adaption fits my purpose.
  7. Presenting the Kerbin Space Taxi. Fully capable SSTO. Great for those "save a Kerbal" missions. It uses the RCS engine to circularize and regular RCS thrusters to dock.
  8. That's actually a great idea. I didn't even see the DroneCore because it also is unlocked very late in career mode. I will look into doing this little project later tonight.
  9. Yes, but in career mode, the cargo bay is unlocked very late and thus you're stuck with no SAS but what's in the cockpit.
  10. This pack is great, if still missing some essentials. I spent half an hour today refitting B9's attachment nodes to fit flush with these parts only to find that B9's Mk2 parts aren't actually the exact same size as SpacePlane+ parts. The parts I miss in this pack are mainly: - Mk2 SAS reaction wheel - Mk2 RCS tank Any chance you'll work on those?
  11. This weekend I restarted career mode with over 50 mods of which I'd never tried most of them before. I can happily say that this is in my top 5 favorites! I highly suggest it's implemented in the final stock version. It's non-intrusive and rather than just having a "favorite" Kerbal, I now see who's most distinguished. I don't just use Jebediah only anymore. Bill and Bob now have their personal specialties as noticed by their individual merits. Jeb is my go to rocket pilot and Bill is becoming my go to spaceplane pilot. Bob stays with Kerbin SOI and fly's mostly Base missions between Kerbin, Mun and Minmus. I've started actively recruiting Kerbals for specialization in certain conditions such as base crew and shuttle missions. There's a new feeling of "rank" within my hired group of Kerbals as some have achieved certain things and others have not. This has led to establishment of small requirements where I won't use Kerbals without cetain experience for certain missions. Thus I fly "training missions" where skilled pilots "train" young recruits to a certain extend. For example I have a tiny agile plane in which Bill takes out new recruits and subject them to 10-15G in turns to get them their G force badges before they get to go in a rocket bound for space. I also have trial lander sessions in which Bob trains recruits in taking off from the launch pad and landing in the grass close to the KSC. Seriously, this mod has one of the largest impacts on my game play due to how well it's fleshed out and integrated into the Kerbal universe. If I should add one request it would be the badge notification window post flight is integrated into the stock tabulated science and funds info overlay. Thank you so much
  12. Hmm it seems something is still amiss. The old contract I had still exists in the "active" contracts board. That particular orbit doesn't show in the tracking station anymore though so now I guess I still have to "decline" that contract and take the loss to get rid of it. I do however have 2 other orbits in the tracking station for 2 new contracts on offer.
  13. Thanks a lot for the clarification. This mod is one of the most awesome I've tried yet. It really improves gameplay.
  14. Great thanks. So if I patch while I have the contract with satellite orbit apoapsis outside Kerbin's SOI, will it disappear without me having to pay the failure fine? Also I second the question of whether stock contracts will disappear?
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