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  1. With regards to the cube in the middle of all asteroids, I wonder is this glitch has made the asteroid skin smaller then the cube. If the camera clipped inside the cube, would there be a tiny asteroid inside?
  2. I once made a big mun base from hitchhikers that were to be assembled in a rectangle and connected with the jumbo docking ports. I launched the 4 sides, with little flat rovers on the underside to roll them into position, got them to the mun, then realised I hadn't tested assembling the thing. So I did a test run with a duplicate on the runway and even on the flat runway is was almost impossible to join it up with the jumbo docking ports. I didn't want to abandon the mission. so I assembled the whole base in orbit, (docking two L shaped pieces together so that two ports at 90 degree angles both dock at once is pretty tricky) then I detached the landers that were supposed to take the base down and stacked them on one end of the base, with 2 of the tugs that had brought the parts to mun orbit on the other end and landed the whole base on it's end. and let it just fall down into place. luckily it had chunky landing legs that took the impact. Not made the mistake of using jumbo docking ports for a base since then, I usually just make a train shaped base with regular docking ports now.
  3. I've played KSP and I've played Space Engineers, and I just don't care about the astronaut character in Space Engineers, he's got zero personality, may as well be a wet flannel piloting the ships. Kerbals on the other hand, I just love em, I always want to make sure they are looked after, kept safe, wana get the lil fellahs to the mun, they are always so happy when they plant the flag, astronaut guy, no matter what I get him to achieve he just stands there bored off his face. I think it's important to have characters you care about to keep a game interesting, and when you're calculating dV and efficient orbits,and a whole load of very difficult flying it's good to have a bit of comic relief.
  4. The problem that always returns for me is fixed solar panels all endin up edge on to the sun, battery goes flat, probe is bricked.
  5. What I did when I made a powered glider/rover for duna was, I have it landing gear and rover wheels on the front, the landing gear sticks lower than the rover wheels so it can land on that, then I retract the front landing gear so the rover wheels touch the ground and can drive around, then for take off again, I put the landing gear down again.
  6. I wouldn't exactly say that Oculus are co-operating, quite the opposite, they have their store locked down, and have been buying out VR game startups which were going to release for both and locking them into Oculus only releases and are now using DRM to stop people using the Vive to play Oculus store games which was previously possible. Meanwhile Valve are playing pretty straight, although Vive is the official Steam partner they don't lock out Oculus headsets and they and HTC are not up to dirty tricks with takeovers or lockouts. The Vive exclusives on steam are nearly all due to the requirement for motion controls and room scale movement. VR headsets are just a display and controller really, there's no need for a format war as games should be able to support both just like supporting different monitors or controllers, but Facebook need to recoup their investment and the way they want to succeed is making Oculus a platform, and having exclusives like a console. I have a feeling they will fail because PC gamers don't like being treated like that and there will be a backlash, especially as more headsets come onto the market. Ultimately they won't be able to stop the juggernaut that is Steam, and Valve just want to sell as many games to as many people as they can, so supporting as many headsets as possible will always be their goal.
  7. Not sure about Windows 10 file paths, this one is good for windows 7, maybe check the whole path even if you use default location as the program files folder name etc might be different. Also, if you use other launch options set, this one should come first. If it still doesn't work tho, an alternate way is to go Add a game > add a non-steam game, and add the 64 bit kerbal exe that way, you'll then end up with a second entry in your steam games list for 64 bit KSP. The overlay will still work, but probably will not have links to KSP specific guides, news and community hub etc, tho you can still use the browser to get to them.
  8. You should be able to do it by right clicking on KSP in steam and going Properties > Set launch options. Then in the box you put something like the following. But obviously adjusted if your steam folder is somewhere else than the default.
  9. Just to remind you all, you can play PC on the couch too. PCMR wins again!
  10. What? Is he very polite? I think the term "Canadian" and "devil" are mutually exclusive. They warned me the Canadian Devil would be attractive.
  11. I use the sepratrons as soft landing engines.
  12. The problem with Arkham Knight are because they ignored the problems and rushed it through. They clearly wanted to have it release on all platforms at once, and so they went ahead and released it horribly broken. The previous Arkham games ported fine, Arkham Origins was done by the same company and there were a few bugs, but they were on all platforms and were not game breaking for 68% of players. This time it seems the publisher putting pressure on to meet the release date was the likely cause of the problems. There have been adverts for Arkham Knight everywhere, they've really been pushing it and obviously they wanted all the releases to be the same time so they could make the most of that advertising. If you look at GTA 5 on the other hand, they left the PC version to have it's own release when it was done, and it turned out great, everyone was whining about waiting for it, but when it got here it was glorious, not just a port but an improvement on the console versions. Squad don't have some big publisher on their back demanding they pump out games on schedule, so I don't see them rushing through an unfinished game.
  13. Kerbals are just too cute to be violent. On the other hand, Minions are very similar cuteness level to Kerbals and they are pretty violent.
  14. My hiring policy is to hire the Kerbal with the funniest name.