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  1. You can also vent fuel by enabling only oxidiser or only Liquid Fuel and burning through rocket engine. It will produce no thrust, but the resource will be consumed anyway.
  2. Here is my attempt: Succesful mission +30 Goals - 3-man Mission +10 - 2-man Lander +10 - 2-stage Lander (leave the decent-engine on the mün) +20 - Main rocked not aspargus'd -0 - Escape tower +10 - Lander stored behind the CM during ascent +20 - Lander tucked away behind some fairing? +5 - Free return trajectory to the Mün +10 - Flawless landing +10 - Got a Munar Roving Vehicle (MRV) on board? +15 - After succesfull Mün landing docked CM and MM in Orbit +10 - Plant flag on the Mün +3 - Spashing down on Kerbin (land on water) +5 Total: 158 points Note: Some screenshots are taken during second, almost exactly the same mission due to lighting.
  3. My Jeb's walking on Inaccessible like a boss
  4. I just accessed Inaccessible. Still feeling a bit dizzy...
  5. Here is my contraption. It can take 11 kerbals from Munar orbit to surface and back, and rides quite well unless on steep slope.