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  1. Hello, I just installed KSP 0.90 and am having a problem. In the sandbox mod , I have no "parts" unlocked. Only one pod , some tank , no motor. Absolutely nothing that would allow me contruire something that will take off from the ground. I think I have missed a trick with this version 0.90 . The mod sandbox are not like before ? Do I have to go through the career mod science to unlock the rest of the "parts" ? Thank you to those who take the time to read this. Good day.
  2. Thanks to you vexx32 . I did not think to test 32bit I will try your advice . Thank you !!
  3. hello , First of all thank you in advance to the person who will give me a few minutes !! I spent the evening testing various mods, I think a bit too .... Result , KSP crashing non-stop. So I start installing mods again, step by step , testing each additions until one of them make my pc crash . And I think the mod " " EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements -LR - 7-4 " is the cause of my problems. I love this mod and I 'd really like to continue using it . I does not understand error reports and therefore I can not solve my problem without help. Here error reports online Thx you https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2kbiIxudg6LRF9GTnJwQzNEQ1U&usp=sharing
  4. hello , I use the mod " Asmi 's ECLSS Mod" but I have a problem in the career mode . I do not have enough oxygen to make a simple return of the Mun . I can not add any oxygen tank because the parts are not available in the tech tree . Is there a way to add them manually by editing the CFG file? If so, anyone know how? goodbye Thank you.
  5. Hello !! Sorry to ask this but .... I do not see the download link . I must have a problem ... Could someone tell me where to download it? Thx you !! ;-)
  6. strange ... After having all conceivable bugs with Mechjeb 2.0.9 (fail rendezvous, docking fail, landing fail etc ...) same with or without the dll sarbian, I went back to 2.0.8 and since mechjeb no problem. Rdz works. except docking autopilot works but often maneuver unnecessarily causing high consumption of resources. But otherwise, it works!
  7. "Qui va piano va lontano" comme on dit !! Vous arrêtez pas en tout cas ;-)
  8. Ah mais Obiozur toi aussi t'es français GG àtoi aussi pour tes mods, je les utilises également! En tout cas, merci àvous deux pour vos réponses, je vais regarder tout vos liens àtête reposée et me lancer dans deux trois parts simplettes comme vous me le conseillez. Et re-merci de me proposer si gracieusement votre aide! A bientôt !!
  9. Salut les francophones! Je suis intéressé par le modding 3D. J'ai quelque bases (très anciennes) avec blender. Pour me refaire la main des tutos en rapport avec KSP seraient les bienvenues. Certain d'entre vous en aurai sous la main? En français de préférence. Merci pour vos réponse et surtout continue votre boulot, Yogui87 je viens de découvrir que tu es français, je suis un fan de tes mods ! Bonne soirée àtous
  10. Completely agree with that! Anyway, thumbs up for this new update! Good job! I'm having good with these new engines!
  11. Yes! Great mod thank you! I love the "procedural" stuff! Very useful! Just a question, could you also add a RCS tank?