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  1. @Papa_Joe Angel's Sunkworks has custom wetsuits.. ?? EDIT: I just realised, he already has a method to switch suits in game
  2. I assume you have tried adjusting the ground-height setting (or whatever its called... I dont remember exactly ) in Bon Voyage itself, to help prevent this?
  3. i thought the proper key for outside the brackets was "rescaleFactor =" ??... not just "rescale =".. ?? Also, did you change any scale values *inside* the brackets, using "scale =", *along* with changing rescale?.. doing both could mess things up Also, another option might be to manually place the nodes, in the editor, using
  4. I dont suppose these will work with OPT, will they? As always, GREAT JOB!!
  5. I'm interested in this also. Back when I was working on some modded launchsite light towers, I wanted to delete the stock water tower & light. I dont now if I could not, because all the stock stuff is loaded from Unity asset bundles, and not how KK props are loaded by model files & cfgs.
  6. Where you can get themes, for use with @Moach's link above... https://userstyles.org/styles/browse?search_terms=kerbal & https://userstyles.org/styles/browse?search_terms=ksp
  7. Soon™.... ?? The ™ is sarcasm... Could be tomorrow... Could be next year... Could be never... Often used by mod-makers to pretty much say "It will be, when It may be..." I of course would never put words in a mod-maker's mouth, so I'll let Akron narrow down that time frame if he wishes
  8. If youre open to mods, theres a couple that make this easy, and have a lot more flexibility/functionality. TAC Fuel Balancer, for one.
  9. Pretty sure thats the cameraHasErrors key in the config. = false for clean pics, = true for the dead pixels. cameraErrorRate sets the amount/density of the dead pixels. Yup... you just need to make sure you define a transform name, that already exists in the model, in the cfg using the cameraTransformName = key.
  10. Yes?... i didnt test with any planet packs...Just a Stock game on Kerbin. I would think, you could use the KK editing UI, to place these where ever you want, instead of having to guess coords and editing configs. As to the brightness, yeah... That was a PAIN to get decent light levels, without blowing out the scene. I dont know if KSP somehow addresses light intensities differently than setting them on the game objects directly in Unity, and/or Blender/BforArtists. IIRC, I tried both Unity & BFA, and KSP always had them end up WAYYY brighter. Screenshots would be best bet, for me to look into it. However, I havent done ANYTHING KSP related since last spring, and it will be at least a couple moar months before that time of year allows me to get back into KSP.
  11. I just uploaded my copy of PR3 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kjoqs4-iS7xkTP2ue8AhxU-_6pRb0Fmb/view?usp=sharing
  12. Yeah... I cant believe this isnt moar popular/well-known... It immediately became a Must Have Mod, when it first came out, in all my installs. I cant play without it
  13. Oh.. you mean *stock* part variants? sort of... Stoc part variants are very limited and simplistic... Converting from FS or even B9 switching, to stock variants, you may not be able to get the same results, as they both are capable of doing more than stock variants. Its easy to convert from stock variants *to* FS/B9, but "downgrading" to stock variants... like I said could be limited with mixed results Also, of course, you would want to seperate the two methods... ie NOT have both stoc variants *and* any FS/B9 switching patches, on, at the same time... they would most likely interfere with each other
  14. @ColdJ Could be... probably just not properly defined mesh objects... I would install DebugStuff, or one of the other plugins, that display the model hierarchy right in KSP (tho you could just use BforArtists//Blender ), to get the names of the mesh objects you're trying to switch textures on, and make sure they match in the cfgs for the Firespitter keys... vOv I've forgotten just about everything I used to now about Firespitter support... Once B9 PartSwitching came along, I dropped Firespitter/Interstellar FuelSwitch (which is basically an improved Firespitter, so it does texture switching also), like hot potatoes, and have never looked back. Any old mod that uses FS/IFS for switching, I convert to B9 PS... unless its fuel switching... I havent delved into fuel switching... I recently did a complete Firespitter to B9 PS patch for the Coatl ProbesPlus mod, if you want example patch/cfgs to look at
  15. Oh!... Like I said, I havent done anything in BFA/KSP related in a few months. I did'nt now Blender has released a 3.0alpha already... Thats a major update. BforArtists, is always based on, and generally only a week or two behind, the latest Blender dev build. They build directly off the Blender master repo, and unfortunately, IIRC, Blender develops right off their master, instead of having development branches, and *then* pushing to master, once the dev build is relatively stable and less buggy. Theres nothing the BFA team can do about that, as its on the Blender side of things. *THAT* being said, I dont now how active Taniwah has been the past few months on the plugin. The new Blender 3.0alpha may have broken it. Just for giggles, try renaming the plugin folder, by deleteing the "_master" part of it... If you downgrade, I'm pretty confident the latest master of the plugin will work with BFA v2.7.0 at least... Possibly v2.8.0. I was using it with 2.7.0 for months, and it was all working, except for the IVA prop creation stuff (that was the most recent thing Taniwha was implementing, and I was far from the best tester for that).... The craft import may/may not work also... IIRC, there may have been major changes to the way KSP does craft files, since he implemented that code, and I know he's been pretty busy, and it wasnt a main priority for the plugin. You can get those older BFA versions here: https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/releases
  16. Moved from another thread, instead of derailing that one I just drop the whole /io_object_mu_master folder in here: C:\Program Files\Bforartists 2\2.7.0\2.93\scripts\addons_contrib, then go into the User Prefs in BFA, select the AddOn item, then clic the "Testing" button, find & activate it... mae sure to set your GameData folder & clic "Install the KSP Shader Presets & KSP Config Templtes"
  17. It *IS* Blender... its a fork of Blender, but the only thing they mess with is the UI you see. They dont get real deep into the core code...Even still has the standard Blender hot-key map if you prefer... Means everything pretty much still works the same, and 99% of all Blender tutorials can still be used for it. Just instead of having to memorize a bazillion hotkeys, and digging thru the horrible menus if you DONT know the specific hotey, BFA puts hotkey priority in the backseat (still works perfectly, tho possibly with different keys, depending on the selected map set...but they have several different keymaps, including the "stock" Blender one). It makes the menus/icons the priority, by better organizing, simplifying, and rearranging them to make moar sense. They also added a highly customizable toolbar, similar to Maya and other industry software. They also have a very friendly, active Discord server. Reported UI bugs gets addressed very quicly. They quickly address & consider user input & suggestions. I also have yet to come across a Blender plugin that doesnt work with BFA...including Taniwha's Mu importer/exporter. I have been using it almost a year with BFA... I also spent quite a bit of time with Taniwha on feedback with BFA, and trying to break his plugin... so far, so good i aadmit, i havent been doing anything KSP related for 3 or months now, and Taniwha seemed to taking a break, a month or two before that... so not sure of the "recent" state of the plugin... but it was woring with BFA v2.7.0 (= to Blender 2.93) fine
  18. Then I guess I wont wave the shiny link in my sig for BforArtists in front of you...
  19. What @Raqnick said above... 1.17 is only available on the Github repo, master branch, here: (click the green "Code" button, top right) https://github.com/raveloda/Coatl-Aerospace/
  20. Yes... however, thats done seperately from anything really having to do with MAS... Although, there *are* electrically adjustable seat props in one of the ASET packs... You could theoretically just edit the appropriate IVA cfgto swap them in... But thats also not specific to MAS, I think vOv
  21. Yeah.. Balsa is still only in development/early access... I dont think its even released an alpha open to the general public yet.
  22. The mu plugin works with Blender 2.90+... You just have to grab it from the master (the main repo page)... I dont think theres been a recent actual release package done up for it in quite awhile. Also, on the main page, make sure you are NOT on the 2.79 branch... but the main page should be the branch you want. Back to your regularly scheduled topic
  23. technically, a "patch" is the individual "blocs".. but can also be used to refer to all blocks in a seperate "patch file", or "patch" for short Ahh.. I see... Technically, you may not need the :FOR as you have it, *if* the part(s) you are targeting *are in that folder*. Since then, obviously the folder would have to exist if the target is in that folder. But I'm not sure if thats what you have, or if thats the case. Also, I was thinking your NEEDS & AFTER, *were for the same mod* you were declaring the FOR, for... thats where the "implies" comes in.. but I may be wrong on that if *only* the AFTER was used... It looks like I may have mispoken, and only NEEDS implies FOR... (with a NEEDS, youre targeting a specific folder, so to satisfy that, the folder would HAVE to exist, to apply... hence no need to use a FOR *and* a NEEDS.) But what you have there should work
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