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  1. No problem Glad you got it working. :thumbs_up:
  2. Did you try with wheels deployed in the bay, and waiting till the rover is landed, before deploying them?
  3. Ok... took a scan of your log Looks like the majority of nullrefs you are getting, seem to mostly be from three mods: DistantObjectEnhancement, MAS, & WBI I would check to make sure you have MAS & WBI installed correctly, with all their dependencies installed. There seem to be many other issues with your install. I see your install has been "Lisias-ified"... meaning you have several of Lisias' mods installed... I generally dont help people if any of his stuff is installed... It can get pretty messy with any of those mods installed... I dont spot anything specifically related to your ERS issue, tho... so thats good news
  4. yeah... its not that the *meshes/textures* are overlapping/intersecting... its the colliders... but the mesh/texture overlapping is a good indicator that the colliders are intersecting... which is what can cause the RUDs
  5. Yes.. especially if you are having nullrefs Also, hard to tell in the video, but do you have the wheels deployed, as its docked? probably not it, but I notice the wheels look deployed while its in the bay, and if so, there may be some weird collider interaction between the wheels and the bay *when you undock*... ie, when the rover becomes a seperate craft from the mothercraft
  6. @Jovzin screencaps might help a lot here, to illustrate the issue vOv Is the rover made up of crewed parts *other* than the just Cab?
  7. They probably havent responded lately, because there are, IIRC, only 3 primary SD people... and I'm pretty sure, IIRC, that at least two of them have been on real life vacations for the past week or more Well, the issue was fixed this AM, & the listings were deleted. Thanx for reporting it I for one am online a lot, and keep an eye out for SD related forum threads, & posts, as well as in the SD Discord server... As soon as I see stuff, I let them know. Either a reply on the SD thread itself, or a public thread, like you did here, or if you're on Discord, seems to be the best way to get quicker results, as there are more eyes on these methods, besides the SD people themselves. I cant speak for them as to what method of communication they would prefer, but... vOv @HebaruSan @DasSkelett @VITAS .... ???
  8. why do you have to offset the whole thing? If its just because of the seat, theres an even easier fix
  9. @Dave7 there was just recent discussion about this Starts at this post:
  10. Yup... jimmymcgoochie nailed it... The hard Firespitter dependency has since been lowered to a soft dependency... Its now a case of *either* B9 PartSwitch *or* Firespitter... bUT, *only* on the master version on the Github repo. The change is significant.
  11. Thats because there are NO colliders in the IVAs/parts you trying to interact with... That seems to be one of the main reasons the mod hasnt taken off. To use it, *every* IVA/part model you would want to use it in, needs to have at least colliders made, and possible new meshes/textures modelled... Thats an insane amount of work for one, or even a few, people to accomplish
  12. https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/scart91-texture-pack-wip/files works for me. A few years ago, Curse changed their URL stuff, and seems to have broken TONS of old Curse links Curse is a horrible listing site, IMHO Your best bet, is to do a Google search, using something lie "curseforge kerbal " plus the name/partial name of the mod youre looking for... I found the above link as the first one in a search, that way
  13. Yeaahhh... unfortunately, its up to the material owner/licensee to pursue license violations on their material. Which usually takes $$ for research, fees, court costs & *lawyers*.... Hobbyists usually dont have those inds of resources, so many violations cant/wont be pursued... Unfortunately, licensing your material, is lie putting a padlock on your garage door... If someone is *determined* to get in there, it wont take much, so a padlock is really only there to keep honest people honest... Doesnt do much for determined criminals
  14. yup.. I got that I only suggested Eva Repair, to see if it may have had the same issue or not
  15. Angel just told me Baris was basically replaced with "EVA Repairs".... have you tried using *that*? "Q: Does this replace Building A Rocket Isn't Simple (BARIS)? A: Yes. BARIS will be retired, and its thread locked, by end of 2021. EVA Repairs is its successor. "
  16. This, 100% , @sDaZe THANX! However, while I realise, the whole premise of this is to keep it *modular*, I would lie to see *everything* together in *one* package, now that its close to being complete. If you wanted to keep it *on the down low*, in case you feel it would make it too hard/complicated for many users to install if everything were in one package, you could maybe put it all up on a Github (or similar) repo. That way many users who would want to have more than one install, or even all, at hand, could just grab everything once. Just a thought Thanx for filling a niche that many of us with potato computers should appreciate very much. And everyone should also thank the owners of all the different textures, for allowing sDaZe to use them for this
  17. You could try asking in the MLP thread... I bet its a conflict between the two mods, and I wouldnt doubt if its something to do with the way both these mods handle launch clamps, causing a conflict
  18. The text file is a list of mods to add, to make the pack, which *ARE* on ckan... you can use that file to download/install the mods from ckan. the ones in the folders that are included, are the ones *NOT* on ckan...
  19. yeah, it should... as long as KK hasnt changed its cfg/code format
  20. What version are you using? Do you have all the dependencies? Logs are immensely helpful
  21. @SkyFall2489 also, looks like someone already tried your idea... vOv @Forked Camphor huh.. my bad... i used to use Google search to get the links, & there used to be seperate ones for the Syntax & for the Handbook... now they dont show in my search... only one that does is for that... *other* :roll_eyes: version of MM anyway, heres a quick link to the *real* MM wiki: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki
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