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    M700 alternative with ScanSat support

    SCANsat's own parts, mebbe? vOv Tho, they have different types of scans, and have different orbital altitudes for scan operation... so it may require moar probes/launches to get full SCANsat results... I dont remember what results a stock M700 gets with SCANsat... vOv
  2. Stone Blue

    [1.6.1] Chaka Monkey 161

    Huh... you should get a geocaching travel bug tag for him... There is even a geocache on the ISS. Here is what a Travel Bug is: And heres the info page for the ISS geocache, placed by Richard Garriott 10 years ago: Astronaut Richard Mastracchio (AstroRM) is the only official finder to *physically* log the geocache to date. (which is the way its supposed to be done)
  3. Stone Blue

    Telemachus Reborn [KSP v1.5.x-1.6.x ]

    @DanGSun I also am having a couple issues with the Tele parts doing weird stuff. Also, I dont know what I was thinking, when I left the TeleBlade antenna with the regular data/comms ability of stock antennas... It should probably be for Telemachus telemetry ONLY... Problem is, if we change it now, it may break some peoples saves if they have ONLY the Teleblade on current craft (using it for regular data/comms)... Do you want to go ahead and remove this from the Teleblade? I can submit a PR for it this evening. Would also give me a chance to find out and document exactly the other issues I am seeing with *all* the Telemachus antennas...
  4. Stone Blue

    [1.4.4] MonoMap

    Actually, I believe the one you found on SD is a completly different, tho similar, mod... And it looks like the way @TheUltimateKerbonaut setup the github repo, the compiled .dll *is* right there in the master, along with the source code. Could try grabbing the whole master, and just install the MonoMap folder... vOv If you try it, let us know if it worx ... since this mod seems to be newer than the one I linked to above
  5. Ahhh... ok... I guess I missed that in all the posts since & just before your post listing what all versions you were running ... No idea how often he may check this thread, but @DMagic might be the one to maybe look into this, or at least maybe know who to help with it. PS- @CobaltWolf the SEP version listed above the download links in the OP still shows 2.6, and the github link points to 2.5... maybe edit the link to point to the releases page, instead of a specific tag? that way you would never have to update the link? vOv ie use this?
  6. It should be, unless there were major changes again to KAS after this post by Cobalt... vOv
  7. Stone Blue

    X-Ray on any part.

    O...M... Gawd.... THAT IS AWESOMESAUCE!!!!... THANK YOU
  8. Stone Blue

    [1.4,1.5] Talisar Parts v1.2.1

    @taniwha Any chance the v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 backport release for 1.3.1 release packages could be "put back up" on the server? ... i do that trick with the DL link, but I get "not found" with either... vOv... I assume those are the last versions that still work with KSP 1.3.1 and previous, becuase of the change to variant switching in v1.2.0 or 1.2.1?
  9. I am doing one... for MAS. I currently have most of the gauges selected and placed for a retro/analog variant. Will also do an all digital/glass variant.
  10. Stone Blue

    [1.6.1] Reentry Particle Effect 1.4 (2019-02-12)

    No, THANK YOU... for fixing all those little details that only matter to a small few of us, especially so quickly Also, THANK you for including the source in the same package as the release... It saves me from having to grab the source from another website, and keeping two seperate .zips for each release of each mod.
  11. Stone Blue

    [1.6.1] Reentry Particle Effect 1.4 (2019-02-12)

    @pizzaoverhead Thanx for the update Thread title says v1.3, not v1.4, tho
  12. Stone Blue

    Telemachus Reborn [KSP v1.5.x-1.6.x ]

    Which mod is this? Does anyone else know? I want to test this. With just Telemachus installed, and no other antenna mods, inc. RT not being installed, i am not seeing this. I *do* think the RT patch for Telemachus should probably have been :NEEDS, instead of :FOR, however ... i dont know why I had originally added the ModuleDataTransmitter to the Teleblade antenna, but I will be submitting a PR to remove that, so that it *only* works as a Telemachus antenna. This *could* be save breaking, if the Telemachus Teleblade antenna is the *only* antenna on a craft, and its being used for comms or transmitting science data. Anyone have any issues with making this change? Please speak up now
  13. Stone Blue

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.6.3 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    Welp... looks like the GUI texture issues are on me. I failed to note an important detail about changes to the GUI textures in my PR on Github At least its an easy fix @Steven Mading Please see my reply on the PR I profusely apologize to everyone for the inconvenience.
  14. Stone Blue

    Terrainium - Mahia Launch Complex 1

    Wow... Maia looks GREAT I always thought Tanegashima was te most scenic of all launch centers... till Rocket Labs built Mahia...
  15. Stone Blue

    Terrainium - Mahia Launch Complex 1

    Sweet.... My computer probably wont handle this mod, but I still want to at least *try* it... lol As to locations to add, off the top of my head, maybe: Earth Tanegashima Space Center Pacific Spaceport Complex on Kodiak Island Satish Dhawan Space Centre Mt Fuji Moon South Pole area (Shackleton crater) Mars Olympus Mons Cydonia Valles Marineris
  16. I was just about to post, that a couple OPT parts have this issue... it has to do with animated mesh part origins, located *outside* the part collider, and that ends up below "ground level"... ie ends up below the terrain collider
  17. Stone Blue

    [1.6.1] OPT Reconfig v1.3.1 [Feb 22, 2019]

    @JadeOfMaar would this maybe work for stack nodes, as well? vOv
  18. Stone Blue

    Mod to show part name

    If there is not already another way to do it, what about an in-game UI, that polls the MM log, pulls info from patches that are only relating to parts (those that essentially create new, or edit existing parts), and displays *that*... vOv I guess useful info would be in-game part name, "hidden" part name, source partURL, mod that is modifying/adding the part... vOv just spit-balling here
  19. Stone Blue

    most updated mod site

    ...And *I* for one, as a user, HIGHLY appreciate that... I have to figure, as a mod dev, at the very least, it *has* to be worth the quick effort, as I imagine it has to at least cut down somewhat on un-necessary support posts/taggings/PMs... at least from those users that can at least *READ*, BEFORE posting such questions Also, another tool I use, is this: Unfortunately, Curse's last API change broke 1/3rd the functionality of this tool, I *still* find it quite useful... especially in tracking down mods that are *ONLY* hosted on a Github repo
  20. Stone Blue

    most updated mod site

    Nope... not just you ... (in some cases) I hoard *ALL* versions, of *ALL* mods... and in a good majority of the cases, the devs do not take the time to add a short line of text to either each releases' notes in the repo, or to a changelog... Its quite time consuming to figure out what version of KSP a specific release version of a mod was at least initially released for... But yeah, best place to start with is the mod release thread OP. You can usually chase down compatable KSP versions using a changlog listing in the OP, the hosting links (SpaceDock/Curse/(*sometimes*Git repo)), or in worst cases, like I have to do a lot... is to compare the mod version release date to the dates of KSP versions, using the KSP Version Wiki
  21. Stone Blue

    [WIP] Free IVA Alpha v0.0.5 [1.6.x] (2019-02-06)

    You know there's *no* waiting, with ... And THANK YOU for the mod... I have big ideas for this... the question is, if I will ever be able to produce results
  22. Idk ... these are the ones I have archived:
  23. Actually, even *that* post refers to a release tiny bit earlier, than this updated one on the same day, by alexustas himself. So grab *that* one, *AND* this update/fix by Col.Neville, for KSP 1.5.1... posted Nov 1, 2018 Be sure to "Like" both posts
  24. Ahhh.. yeah, IIRC, NavUtilities *is* supported by RPM, tho I dont remember if there was a NU cfg required, that was included with RPM, or NU itself... I cant remember if NU is supported by MAS yet, tho... Yes... you can add whatever props you want into one IVA, for whatever IVA props are installed in your GameData, and yes, Unity will add them all to one cfg. One caveat, tho, IIRC, you have to make sure the proper modules are included in the final cfg, ie MASFlightComputer and or RasterPropMonitorComputer, and i dont remember if unity adds those automagically or not Also, you can make different versions or variants of an IVA. ie an all analog IVA, and an all digital one... You would have to write a patch(es) for anything more than a "base" IVA, that would have to manually be added, or "turned on" by the user. As far as I know, IVAs "variants" cant be switched between in stock KSP, other than activating/de-activating MM patches for them. @Electrocutor supposedly has a plugin (KSPF) that *can* do this... but i still havent gotten a chance to dig into how it works.