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  1. Stone Blue's post in Cannot install chatterer was marked as the answer   
    Looks lie you dont have Toolbar Controller mod installed. Its a required dependency for ClickThrough Blocker... among many other mods.

    You have TONS of problems in your install. I would install Toolbar Controller, and if the issue persists, post a new log (at the least, adding TC should get rid of a LOT of stuff in your logs)
  2. Stone Blue's post in Issue with B9 Part switch was marked as the answer   
    1st, chec to make sure you have this file present:

    And fyi, yeah.. many peeps use GoogleDrive to host their logs
  3. Stone Blue's post in KSP Stuck on loading screen was marked as the answer   
    I'm not quite sure. I'm not familiar with the "mod".
    It seems to be an executable, that runs external to KSP. It depends on whether youre on Windows, and if it installs by registering itself with the Windows registry vOv
    one way to chec would be go to Control Panel->Programs and Features, and see if it shows in the list... if so, select it, and use the "Uninstall" button at the top.

    If it doesnt show there, you might need to find out if/where it installs itself, and delete any relevent folders.

    It may not even install itself, and may just run when you click it. In that case, you can just delete the .exe, and any relevant folders.

    It loos like it *might* be creating its own folder also, in your GameData? vOv
    If so, delete that.

    This is one reason why I dont like using KSP "addons", that are executables, and run outside KSP itself. Especially wen the install/usage instructions are as thin as what seems to be listed in the mod's OP.

    I also dont use CKAN, either, as I prefer having total control over my KSP installs.

    Sorry I'm not much moar help.

    Mebbe posting on LinuxGuruGamer's updated thread for it that I linked above, might be able to get you moar specific help vOv
  4. Stone Blue's post in Mk 1-2 ASET iva not working was marked as the answer   
    @BillTheEngineer so i just loaded the mod in 1.10.1, and it seems to work.

    in a text editor of your choice, just need to make a few easy edits in two .cfg files that come in the mod
    In the file MK1-2_ASETinternal-patch.cfg, change this line: @PART[Mark1-2Pod] to this: @PART[mk1-3pod] *and then* also find and change all the references for: MK1-2 to MK1-3 Then in the 2nd file, in the /Spaces folder, MK1-2_ASETinternal.cfg, just find and change all the references for: MK1-2 to MK1-3 ...and then the IVA should load for you.
  5. Stone Blue's post in New skins missing, 1.5.0 was marked as the answer   
    You must delete the ODeprecated folder... this has been fixed in the zip package aailable on the KSP Store... if you have that folder present in the .zip, you downloaded it before it was updated...
    No need to re-download from the KSP Store.
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