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  1. British TSR-2. Watched a documentary on it today and decided to build one.
  2. Had an idea whilst looking at the MK2 inline cockpit. I call it the Banshee
  3. Hi all! Another LANBox KSP stream is starting in 10 minutes. This week we will performing maneuvers similar to the Oberth Kuiper Manoeuvre from Mondays XKCD. Again you can join the stream at The LANBox Live, as well as on our teamspeak the details of which can be found here Hope to see you there!
  4. Hi Everyone. To celebrate the LANBox's 6th birthday we are hosting a KSP livestream event!. We will be streaming our Munar Landing Challenge, in which we have to build and fly the most stylish ships we can think of the the Mun before returning 'safely' to the planet Kerbin. The stream starts at 11:00 forum time and to watch you simply need to go to our livestream page. You can also jump on our teamspeak (details can be found here on our servers page) if you would like to join in on the fun. We will also be connected to our Kerbal Livefeed server (, which you can also join. Hope to see you there!.
  5. they are indeed, bout the only things i use from that pack tbh. I strive for this with my rockets, its why i use mod packs
  6. This rocket AND video were both inspired by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket and promo clip. The moment i saw it the creative juices started flowing, either that or saliva. Possibly both. Either way, please enjoy. <iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JEVvT9irgC0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Heres a link to the original SpaceX video
  7. you can warp other ships but from experience they seem to decouple after going over 1000x speed. thats why this has its own save, so i can still do interplanetary travel without ruining the station mechjeb (only to get into the general vicinity or the station on launch), Kosmos for the solars, Truss pack for the rcs tanks, ExPI for all the main parts and of course Erkles docking mod
  8. Well, this thing has taken me the better part of the day to construct, fly, maneuver and dock. This is the first time ive ever 'constructed' a station in space via docking and i must say, it was damn fun. The station is constructed of 4 parts: as i predicted, this thing lags ALOT, and warping is out of the question lol. But that why i made this on its own save file (thanks Squad). Anyway, hope you like and any critiques are appreciated. Happy Launching!
  9. Unfortunately that station has been lost =\. In its place however is the Combined Kerbal Orbital Operations Station. This huge 120 tonne station houses science experiments, crew quarters and almost 13,000 Liters of fuel storage for orbital refueling. and it was a right pain to maneuver them together lol
  10. Those ports are from Erkle's docking mod. I think he just used novas model.
  11. My Kerbin Orbital Science station, with attached crew transport shuttles
  12. Great pack this, really looking forward to what you bring in the future. Threw this together before =P