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  1. Small question: is there already an RPM config floating around somewhere for the LEM? I managed to find the one for the KP0110, so I thought maybe it exists and it's only my search skills that are lacking.
  2. This is an awesome mod, I have not played for quite a long time, now I found this, and built the whole Apollo replica (for the bottom half I just used the available craft file, 'cause I am a lazy stand-up guy) and flew it to the Mun and back. A.W.E.S.O.M.E! There is only one small thing I noticed, that for some reason the FASA umbilical tower seems to be misbehaving a little: I can not get it to release; even though in the action groups this command is available, on the launch pad it does not work, nor the programmed action group, not right clicking (it does not give any of the supposedly available options after the right click). It is not a huge issue, but maybe you can have a look at one point. Thanks for the amazing work!
  3. hmmm... OS X craches... hmmm...
  4. I have the same issues, had them since 0.90... As many in this thread before, I love this game, but this is truly unacceptable for a 1.0 release...
  5. Actually, most of 'us' use OS X for other than gaming as first priority, but it is a valid expectation to have a properly working game on every platform that it is being sold for. I also went back from 0.90 to a previous version, because the memory leaking was ruining my favourite game... But let's hope Squad fixed this for 1.0
  6. Great news, always excited about a new release. I just hope that all the fixes Squad made will make the game playable again on OS X (Yosemite), because 0.90 crashed every 10 minutes because of memory leaks... For new things and special features, I would like clouds/rings/new gas giant/planetary shadows (a.k.a. proper eclipses).
  7. I can confirm that with this dll I can get in the game (which did not work before), and the sky shader is there. Hoping to get the haze too at one point
  8. Holy kerbal, this is simply amazing. I logged into the forum after I don't know how long to give you rep. Keeping an eye on this for sure (such a shame I am stuck in 0.24 because 0.90 does not love Macs much...).
  9. Same here 0.90 and Yosemite on the most powerful MacBook...
  10. Now only if there was a way to add shadow to those rings (ring to planet, planet to ring)... (I know, always wanting more )
  11. I play sandbox only, because I want to challenge myself, and I am very good at it Also, by playing with mods like Remote Tech, FAR/NEAR, ISP rescaler, Deadly reentry, etc., I think I am making it difficult enough. But I see how nice career mode can be for others, there is no problem with this, everyone is free to enjoy the game as he/she likes.
  12. Today started gloriously, but turned sad halfway through for Kermankind. After mapping all planetary bodies, and landing numerous times on Mun and Minmus, the first Kermanned mission, Ares 1 left towards Duna. The beautiful rocket made a perfect gravity turn through the NEARly real atmosphere, and after circularisation and a perfect interplanetary burn, Bob, Shelmund, and Tanner had a great time counting down the days until their arrival to the red planet. The orbital injection was perfect, and a half orbit later, Bob decided to go for landing. The target was a highland region, as the dV capability of the lander/return ship was only 10% above the requirements... Aerobraking went fine, thanks to the nice inflatable shields and the well timed parachutes. Ares 1 landed just below the thin cloud layer, not far from the edge of the long canyons, with great views towards both the lowlands and the mountains. The rolling clouds made the scene really photogenic. After unpacking and claiming the planet, they posed for a group picture. Back on Kerbin the Kerbals flooded the streets and partied for hours. It was a truly historic event, celebrating their three heroes. Fast forwarding to the opening of the homeward transfer window, the atmosphere in the command module changed. Bob was told that the lead scientist at the VAB miscalculated the length of their mission (calculating from leaving Kerbin to leaving Duna, instead of from leaving Kerbin to arriving back to Kerbin...), and they don't have enough (TAC) Life Support, to make it home. They have to choose: either two of them sacrifices themselves to save the life of the third Kerbal, or they will all die 200 days from home in the cold and empty interplanetary space. After days of silence in the command module, Shelmund and Tanner went on EVA to check the integrity of the ship, but they never returned... Bob left Duna orbit alone, in deep depression. Thanks to the real heroes who gave their lives for him and for Kermankind, he had enough resources to make it back to Kerbin, and thanks to the long psychiatric treatment from mission control on the way home, he managed to avoid a Deadly Reentry, and land safely on Kerbin. Bob resigned from active duty and took a desk job at the safety department of the KASA. He recovered from depression after two years, and contributed to a much safer VAB, resulting in a 89% drop in accident in the coming 5 years. Shelmund and Tanner were remembered forever. In 50 years, the first interstellar mission would be named after them...
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