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  1. I built a freighter, using 2 Cargo Bays for extra space.. Landing Bay Doors Thrust Reversers, Armed!
  2. Planes made of wings, Good Ol' times when stock aero was really easy to abuse xD [
  3. It kinda looks like an Airbus Double Bubble when you see it from the top
  4. I know right, I tried to make Runway Lights once, same problem, the lights are so small untill you reach 500m or something...
  5. Congratulations! You just discovered how to build "Nuclear" submarines (with infinite range)
  6. It will be very very very cool! If making a mod is too complex, a fan art would be equally awesome too!
  7. Maybe add / extend dive brakes to slow the aircraft during a dive?
  8. The KSC campus is worth A LOT of science actually
  9. It's taking shape, but the question is, will it fly? Update: nope. --- A Few Tries Later ----- My calculations worked! (48 Fat main wings) These has more wing-flex than a 787!
  10. Nice! Now make it electrical so that it works on EVE and we might have our first EVE stock SSTO xD
  11. That's absolutely amazing YargJay! How many parts is it at currently? So the part limit for 2 wings is 200 - 300 parts, correct? Does that include the elevators and rudder? I'd love to give it a shot!
  12. I have a feeling I am unable to resurrect the 747 again... It flies, barely, it's definitely a long way from cruising at 10,000 m... I think the wings are too small for a 200t+ aircraft...