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  1. Thanks for that! I'll give it a go. Finding all my experiments is troublesome. Oh, I want Kerbalism's system, I just thought it didn't remove the cool UI. I'll leave it as is then
  2. I've searched around for the answer, and I can't see anything current: Do Kerbalism and [x] Science work nicely together? I understand that in the past they didn't, but I would love to make science gathering a touch less clicky clicky, and [x] could do the tricky if it works nice.
  3. Spectra is quite pretty! Been using it in my livestreams. Screnshot here: https://twitter.com/TinyPirate/status/903599942219964416
  4. I did pick up deep freeze, and the Near Future gear for better power handling.
  5. This looks neat, can I install it on top of an existing Kerbalism with Scansat career safely?
  6. I've got a Kerbalism campaign going already, early days mind you, with Scansat and its contracts. I've disabled the "survey" contracts (hate them), but I also super hate all the "test this item at this particular speed angle, phase of the moon" contracts. Can I install this safely to get some fresh contract options?
  7. Started a stream series featuring Kerbalism. Can't say I'm very good yet. Will let you know if it gets interesting Oh, I've just noticed Kerbnet is turned off in my menu options. It's that Kerbalism or did I mess something up creating my campaign? I miss those little UI bars and toggling it on again doesn't seem to make them come back
  8. Thanks, @Avera9eJoe! I'll give those mods and changes a go. I'm really sad the cryo mod isn't current, I always miss seeing rockets vent off, seeing ice fall off. I also miss proper strong-backs for rockets too.
  9. Spectra is looking grand, thanks for your work! I'm noticing Kerbin is a lot less cloudy - so far - than what I see in Astroneer. Is that going to change in the mod, or is it just luck? And do you have any other tips for making the game more beautiful? I've installed all the optional extras to make the game as pretty as can be. I have a 1080 I want to push. Oh, special thanks for a REALLY DETAILED set of install instructoins, THANK YOU!
  10. Got an Nvidia 1080 and want to push Kerbal to the limits but I'm having real trouble getting this pack to work (it is pretty beautiful, right?). Here's what I've done. Help! Took a clean install of Kerbal. Grabbed the latest release of Astronomer's and chucked it in the Game Data folder (yes, properly, not nested inside another Game Data folder) Grabbed the 8k 1.3 textures and put them in the Game Data folder. Got the EVE config file - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Configs- Scatterer. Module Manager (2.8.2 is the latest version bundled with one
  11. Hi there! Love this mod, featured it today in my episode on RPM! Feel free to share around, post, chuck in the OP, however you like.
  12. Hi there! Love this mod, featured it today! Feel free to share around, post, chuck in the OP, however you fancy.
  13. Hi Randazzo! I made a mod video on your work. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share it around, chuck it in the OP, etc.
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