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  1. Could the same process be used to "make" a reactor in a mk4 piece? For example, copy one of the fuselage parts and then add the code from one of the Near Future reactors. I would love to see someone get something like this working!
  2. I am also noticing in this thread it NOT remembering read posts. I've come back three days in a row, seen the start, clicked it and come to the end of the thread. Really annoying.
  3. I'm sure there were good reasons to move to this new forum software. Overall, I'm not impressed. Passwords for some of us got messed up. Some sub-forums were moved, breaking long standing surfing habits. Finding threads I was interested in has become more difficult. Overall, I'm not a fan. I already find myself spending less time on the forums and don't foresee this changing.
  4. Haven't used it much, but I prefer the older format. I read to see what the current issues are and they were always on top. Now, it's harder for me to see that. I guess a big part of that is the new forum software. I just don't find myself coming here as often now.
  5. I've had only one minor issue with the mk14 parts in 1.0.5, the ramp door opens slightly when I launch the aircraft from the hanger. Not a great issue, I just open, then close it before takeoff. Looking forward to more parts - keep up the great work!
  6. I have seen the same with my mining operation on the Mun. No messages were presented, the drills just stop drilling. There is sufficient power and cooling so I am at a loss. Kinda defeats the purpose if they need to be baby sat.
  7. Thanks for the info on trajectories, hopefully that will help me improve my landing (crashing) skills.
  8. Nice, been looking for something to assist me with my SSTO landings - hoping this will do the trick!
  9. Great looking additional pieces, any chance of a larger wing in the style of the Big S? Currently, I have to use two in order to lift my 500t mkIV off the runway - but it does rotate before the end!
  10. I have to second all of this! I'm currently using my mk IV to lift parts for my new space station and it works wonderfully! Bigger wings would allow me to clean up the design and maybe make it a bit more stable on reentry. The kerbals seem to really love flying it, they always have huge grins on their faces!
  11. Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Valentine are building the new space station at 250 kms in Kerbin orbit. The newbies are flying parts up in a Nertea mk IV shuttle, which sadly keeps crashing on landing. Oh well, at least the pioneers are safe (until Bob runs out of propellant).
  12. I would suggest you look at the mk IV spaceplane system by Nertea, his tail cargo door has a slider that allows you to adjust the height of the ramp. Quite a nice feature when you've landed on uneven ground.