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  1. Thanks all, I was pretty sure I understood the system but I was curious since most tutorials just talk about connecting back to the DSN....not from relay-to-relay.
  2. Long time player back with a new Career save in 1.12 and I'm still trying to wrap my head around using the CommNet. So I think I understand range calculations and all that, I just want to make sure I'm reading all this correctly. I have my Tracking Station upgraded to level 2 and I have the additional ground stations turned off. I have three relay sats in a 777k equatorial orbit around Kerbin, each with two HG-5 relay antenna. I want to setup some ground science on the far side of the Mun, so I am planning on putting three of the same relay sats (dual HG-5) in orbit around the Mun. But from my calculations that will not be sufficient to connect with KSC since the HG-5 only has a 5M power (~10M with the two, not sure about the combinable factor). So even assuming a full 10M power the relay sats around the Mun will not be able to connect to the relay sats around Kerbin, correct? Or does the fact that the relay sats around Kerbin connect to the Tracking Station increase the power? I believe the range calculation is just between the two sats that are talking, not including everything in the relay? Thanks for any help!
  3. It looks like it's even worse. It isn't even a straight conversion because the location shifts constantly. I launch a pod, click Current and the display on the Hyperedit Ship Lander shows Lat -0.0972077954019497 Lon -74.5576764832357. I set the altitude to 2000 and click Land. Actual coords of where I end up, as determined by using the readout on a Surface Scanning Module is Lat 0.097S Lon 49.115E. I revert to Launch, click Current (display shows Lat -0.0972077780393612 Lon -74.5576764451128), set the altitude to 2000 and click Land. The actual coords are now Lat 0.097S Lon 51.524E. I revert to launch again and fast-forward time 2 days. Click Current and the display shows Lat -0.0972077788185693 Lon -74.5576764536629. Set the altitude, click Land and now my coords according to the Surface Scanning Module readout are Lat 0.097S Lon 52.486E. The latitude seems constant but the longitude shifts as time passes, or during each revert, or something. There isn't a nice conversion rate to easily calculate the longitude where you will actually end up based on what appears in the Hyperedit field. Hope that helps you find where to look in the code... This is pretty easy to replicate. Just used the lander to put your ship in the mountains, or anyplace where the altitude of the terrain above sea level is high like 4000m, and set the altitude to 3000 or something. You will appear below the terrain and explode. If the ship lander teleports you somewhere and you have the altitude set below what the terrain altitude is at those coords you will always explode. The alt field, at least for me, is not the altitude I appear above the terrain...it is the actual altitude above sea level I will appear at.
  4. I can confirm that the coordinate system is messed up somehow. Just a simple pod on the launchpad, click 'Current" and it sets the coordinates to Lat -0.0972077436785764 Lon -74.5576771458921. Click the Land button and you are teleported far to the West onto the other continent. The actual coordinates are Lat -0.0972 Lon -0.9805 so it looks like the Latitude is okay but the Longitude is messed up somehow. Maybe 1.3.1 changed how the coordinates are determined? As for ships exploding when teleporting, always ALWAYS set your initial altitude to 10000 or something very high because if you teleport under the terrain layer you will explode. Always start high and work your way down once you know you are in the right location. EDIT: I'll also add that ScanSAT shows the coordinates of KSC as Lat -0.09 Lon -74.56 so I'm not sure if that helps. Punching those coords into Hyperedit most certainly doesn't get you to KSC...
  5. I am having an issue where ships that are not currently the active vessel are not maintaining heading with SAS. https://imgur.com/a/pZWRu The ship that has my Kerbal is in atmo on Kerbin and detaches a probe. I switch focus to this probe, set SAS and set heading to be retrograde. This works great and the probe maintains a retrograde direction as it decends. I switch focus back to the other ship and watch as the probe descends and I can see it start to tumble. I switch back to the probe and it has indeed started tumbling around, but now that it is the active vessel it regains a retrograde heading and maintains it as long as it is the active vessel. At any time if I switch back to the other ship the heading is again lost. Is this a stock bug? I have several mods installed but nothing that I think could mess up heading and SAS controls. Has anyone else seen this?
  6. I have a large rocket with multiple stages and I am trying to do a modified asparagus staging. As you can see from the pics the plan is for the two "A" tanks to feed into the "B" tank which feeds into "C" and then into "D", jettisoning each letter as they dry up. It works fine once I launch, the "A" tanks start to drain with no fuel being used from any of the other tanks. Once the "A" tanks are empty the "B" tanks start to empty, with no fuel being used from "C" or "D". But once the "B" tanks empty I start to use fuel from the "C" and "D" tanks which is not right...the "C" tanks should empty while the "D" tank shouldn't. It's not an issue of two tanks feeding a single tank because there is no problem with the two "A" tanks feeding the single "B" tank. And I'll note that all the decouplers have their crossfeed disabled. I have a bunch of mods installed but nothing that should affect fuel flow. GameData folder is in the album above. Is this a stock bug that I am seeing? Thanks! P.S. Guess embedding Imgur albums is broke again...
  7. That worked like a charm, thanks! I was pretty sure I had already downloaded it from github but maybe there was something wrong with the download.
  8. Is there any way to toggle the display of contracts in the Tracking Center? I'm not crazy about how when I go to the Tracking Center my display is all mixed up with all the possible orbital changes, etc. I guess I could just go to Mission Control and just decline everything, but I would have to just keep doing that when new contracts appear. Is there any way to simply toggle them on/off? Thanks!
  9. Just want to report that I am having an issue with the latest version. I can run the game fine but I do not get the TAC Life Support icon on the toolbar in any scene. It was working fine in .13.2 but I was having the same issue with the dev version (.13.4dev). When I check any of the command pods in the VAB they show the TAC resources (Oxygen, Water, etc) and all of the TAC Life Support equipment is available in the equipment lists. To install .13.5 I deleted the existing "CommunityCategoryKit", "CommunityResourcePack", "REPOSoftTech" and "ThunderAerospace" directories from "GameData" and then copied over fresh the same four directories from the "TacLifeSupport-" download. I am running 64-bit KSP (the most recent version) and have ModuleManager.2.8.1 installed. Here is the DropBox link to the Output log: Output.log If I un-install .13.5 and replace it with .13.2 the icon returns. Thanks for any help you can give!
  10. I ran into this same issue, with a space station having full EC but the TAC interface showing red and stating there were -23d of EC remaining. EVAing all 7 of the Kerbals at the same time, so that there were no Kerbals remaining on the station, and then returning them reset the counter. Then exiting to the Space Center reset the color of the TAC interface to green.
  11. Thanks, I've played around with re-naming files/folders and it certainly does work, although everything gets messed up when there is an update. But I guess the updates are pretty rare so it shouldn't be a problem. I think I'll stick with this method for the time being. Yea I know, but I like to run through Steam so friends know when I'm online and such. Until I can figure out why this method that has always worked before has suddenly stopped working I'll either rename the files or just use a right-click in the Steam Library. Thanks all.
  12. I just wanted to let everyone know that I believe I have fixed the Munseeker Greenhouse mod so that it now works with KSP 1.3 and TACLS .13.2. It's just a simple ModuleManager script. I know there are plenty of people here who were looking for a greenhouse to work with TACLS, so I figured I'd post a link here as well.
  13. Wait, I'm confused. It still says in the first post that we need to install BackgroundProcessing as of 0.13.2. Is that no longer the case?
  14. Is anyone still using this method successfully? I've returned to KSP and while this method used to work it no longer does. In Steam I right-click on Kerbal Space Program and select Properties. Then I click "Set Launch Options..." and in the text field I put: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" -popupwindow Then I click the "Create Desktop Shortcut" button and it tells me it has created a new shortcut. Note I have deleted the shortcut that used to be on the desktop, and I see a new KSP shortcut appear. But when I double-click it the 32-bit version continues to run. If I right-click on KSP in my Steam library I do get a "Launch KSP (64-bit)" option and that does launch the 64-bit version. So I can run it through Steam, but I'd prefer to get the desktop shortcut working. Anyone else out there using this method with success?
  15. Reviving this because I wanted to see if I could get this greenhouse working in a 1.3 game. I've just returned to playing KSP after a while and I have a bunch of ships with this greenhouse attached and I'm not in the mood to dig through the persistence file and replace them. Here is a ModuleManager CFG that will make this greenhouse work fine in 1.3....as far as I can tell. There appear to be two issues that caused it to not function in 1.3: 1) Attempting to re-texture the cupola causes the model to not appear. Not sure why, I tried several different ways to replace the texture but nothing worked. Someone with a better understanding of the texture settings might have better luck. In the meantime I've just left the cupola with the standard texturing by just deleting the TEXTURE field. 2) The INPUTRESOURCE and OUTPUTRESOURCE is no longer the proper terminology for TACLS, using separate INPUT_RESOURCE and OUTPUT_RESOURCE nodes is the new format, so I replaced all those into new MODULES. Make sure you have ModuleManager installed! Create a new text document in the GameData folder and name it MM_MUNSEEKER.CFG. Open the file and copy/paste the following code. Next time KSP loads you should have a working greenhouse. // removes the texture entry which breaks the model for some reason // changes the TacGenericConverter to use the new format // updates the usage and production rates for inputs and outputs // changes oxygen, water and food production rates @PART[MunSeeker_Greenhouse_Mk1] { @MODEL { !texture = delete } @description = A greenhouse designed for TAC life support. Converts Electricity (a lot), Waste, Carbon Dioxide and Wastewater to Food. In addition the plants supply Oxygen and Water. There is some loss in this process, so the crew will still need to be supplied. One greenhouse uses 100% of the waste products of 3 Kerbals and supplies them with 20% Oxygen, 50% Water and 90% Food of their total needs. @MODULE[TacGenericConverter] { !inputresources = DELETE !outputresources = DELETE INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = .45 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = CarbonDioxide Ratio = 0.00444038669628 //CO2ProductionRate = 0.00148012889876 * 3 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = WasteWater Ratio = 0.000042743055555 //WasteWaterProductionRate = 1.4247685185E-05 * 3 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Waste Ratio = 0.000004618055556 //WasteProductionRate = 1.539351852E-06 * 3 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Oxygen Ratio = 0.001028122537431 //OxygenConsumptionRate = (0.001713537562385 * .20) * 3 DumpExcess = false } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Water Ratio = 0.000016782118056 //WaterConsumptionRate = (1.1188078704E-05 * .50) * 3 DumpExcess = false } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Food Ratio = 0.0000457031249991 //FoodConsumptionRate = (1.6927083333E-05 * .90) * 3 DumpExcess = false } } } Items to address: 1) It appears I do not have the ratios correct because when the converter is running the Water, Oxygen and Food values rise...even in a ship with 3 Kerbals. This should not be happening. I have used the production and consumption rates straight out of the TACLS config file (ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\LifeSupport.cfg) so I'm not sure what I did wrong. Anyone want to have a look at my numbers, be my guest. 2) I changed the values so that the greenhouse supplies 90% of the food required for 3 Kerbals, rather than the original 70%. This makes long-term self-sustainability a bit easier. But I dropped the Oxygen and Water rates a bit in exchange. If there are reasons to change these it is easy enough to alter the MM config file.
  16. I was wondering if there was an easy way to mod the ability to check the GUI via right-click to the Surface Scanning Module (SSM) when it is detached and dropped on the terrain using KAS. For instance, using KIS I can place an Accelerometer into my scientist Kerbal's inventory and, while on EVA, I can drop it on the ground, right-click on it, and do science. However when I attempt the same thing using the Surface Scanning Module I am unable to to get a right-click GUI. It looks like the only way to run the Surface Scanning Module is when it is attached to a command module and you have a Kerbal in control. Is there simply a MODULE section I can add to the SSM CFG file to give the ability to see the GUI when it is not attached to anything, just laying dropped on the terrain? I put this out as a general question in the modded installs forum, because I don't think this is specifically a KIS/KAS question.
  17. Yes, after some testing this seems consistent. Some more resource use questions, if you don't mind: 1) I assume the electric charge (EC) usage for all the parts is constant? It looks like the large auger uses 24EC/s no matter where I drill, and I did see that in the CFG file. Same goes for the tiny smelter which uses 1EC/s no matter how much metalore I have available. 2) It looks like the smelter conversion rate is also constant, correct? I'm trying to design a fully autonomous mining base that can just run constantly, and it looks like an auger on a 7.5% abundance deposit will extract metalore at .3u/s which is the conversion rate of the tiny smelter, using .3u/s of ore and creating .15u/s of metal. Now I just need to supply the whole thing with 25EC/s which isn't a huge issue during the day with some gigantors but is certainly a challenge at night! Fun challenge though!
  18. Two quick questions... 1) After multiple searches of the thread I was unable to find any information on how the mining rate of the augers is calculated based on the abundance of MetalOre in a deposit. I'm looking to setup a Mun base, and I don't know if it's worth moving several degrees north latitude for a 8.483% deposit or just stick with the 7.725% deposit on the equator. Does percent abundance make that big of a difference? Or any difference at all? 2) I notice that on Kerbin the abundance of MetalOre is the same for the entire biome, but on the Mun the abundance varies even within the same biome. Is this working as intended? Is Kerbin the only place where the abundance doesn't vary within the biome? Thanks!
  19. [quote name='KerbMav']Seems to have nothing to do with this mod but with a known stock bug. [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/139435-Orbital-surveys-not-showing-up-in-Tracking-Station[/url][/QUOTE] Great, thanks! Yea the SCANsat overlays all work fine so this looks like the stock bug. Thanks for the pointer! [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='DMagic'] MetalOre is different from MetallicOre? :confused: Out of the box SCANsat only supports stock and CRP resources, but I'll see about adding it to the next version.[/QUOTE] Well it shows MetalOre on the overlay. When I'm flying my probe with the M700 Survey Scanner I can activate the overlay and toggle back-and-forth between Ore and MetalOre. The overlay and avg amount change accordingly. So it certainly knows what MetalOre is, where it is located on the planet, and the avg amounts of it there are. It's just on the Big Map that the resources dropdown only shows Ore. I don't have a Narrow Band Scanner up yet so maybe you need that first before the Big Map offers a MetalOre option? That seems weird though...
  20. I'm having an issue with rescaling a part using MM. I am trying to scale the OMD scanner from EPL to a more reasonable size. If I go into the part's cfg file and change the rescaleFactor from 1.5 to 0.75 everything works fine...the model is scaled down and the nodes are correct. However, when I put a MM cfg in the GameData folder that contains this code: [CODE]// decrease the scale of the OMD scanner from 1.5 to 0.75 @PART[OMD]:FINAL { @rescaleFactor = 0.75 }[/CODE] The model is scaled correctly but the mounting nodes are off. Do I need to also alter the nodes in the MM config script? Why do I need to do that with a MM script but not when I manually edit the part's cfg file?
  21. I have a few quick questions about resource scanning. Running SCANsat 14.4 with Biome Lock and Requires Narrow Band Scanner enabled and Instant Scan and Disable Stock Scanning disabled. I have a probe with a M700 Survey Scanner in a 100km polar orbit of Kerbin. 1) When I am in the Tracking Center and centered on Kerbin, and I click the Resources icon on the far right, I get "no resource data available. You will need to perform an orbital survey first." However if I am focused on the probe with the scanner, go to Map View, and focus on Kerbin the icon works. Is this working as intended? 2) When I am in the Big Map, the Resources dropdown only shows "Ore". Do I need to modify a config file to have it show MetalOre for use with EPL? Thanks!
  22. Another cause of lag is Null Reference errors. It looks like you have some Mods in use. Press Alt+F12 to bring up the Debug Toolbar and click on the Debug tab. If you are seeing an unending stream of red errors then that is the cause of your lag. I've had stations in orbit that had a similar issue...things were fine when I was more than 2.5km away, but as soon as the station got within render distance the framerate dropped to a crawl and the Null Reference errors appeared. If not that then maybe the excess of lights might be your issue. I know lots of lighting tends to increase lag as the game engine has to calculate tons of shadow and lighting calls.
  23. I just want to say "Thank You!" for incorporating the changes I requested into the new version. It has been making things so much easier for me! 1) Thank you for including the "Total Refunds" information on the Info tab. Now I have all the info about a recovered stage in one screenshot! 2) Thank you for adding the "Right clicking on a stage in the flight GUI will now delete it" function. Now I can delete stages from the GUI after I've documented the info and it makes things much easier to track. 3) Thanks for fixing the accuracy error for stages dropped close to KSC! I dropped a stage right on top of the launch pad and I'm getting 98% recovery now, as opposed to the ~60% recovery in the last version. Excellent fix! Again, thanks for the work on this mod. I really hope that the next mod that Squad decides to incorporate into the game is this one...you deserve all the credit!
  24. Yea, that kinda sucks for my IVA-only playthrough. Also not crazy about the continued lack of IVA for the MK2 Crew Cabin and the non-RasterPropMonitor-compatible MK2 cockpits. Luckily there's a mod for the MK2s, and hopefully the old MK3 IVA mod will get resurrected soon.
  25. Ah that makes a ton of sense. Thanks for the info! So if you are going to run a heavily-modded KSP then you definately need to move to a 64-bit OS.
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