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  1. UPD Yep, this is false positive. Just update your Windows Defender and perform file integrity check in steam for KSP fix.
  2. Most likely this is false positive. I've submitted this file into MS WDSI, and it show no trouble with it.
  3. Hey, i didn't know about this challenge existence, couple of things like reaction wheel, batt and antenna is clipped in for aesthetical reasons, and 75*75 instead of 100*100 km orbit in the proof, although it have some deltaV in reserve, so no scoring attempts can be made, but i have pretty capable craft right here: Skyranger 4 Test run was made with 102050 kg of cargo, which is 46% of gross mass, with efficiency of 86 funds per 1 ton of cargo to LKO.
  4. Well, in this case SQUAD always can do Kerbal Space Program 2 for everyone who wants to buy it.
  5. I hope they will consider some season pass or upgrade option, cuz i personally hate all this petty penny pinching with separate DLC's in Steam or GOG or anywhere else.
  6. Exactly. Maneuver nodes will be available only after mission control building upgrade.
  7. Push or pull no matter what are you doing, if you doing it with grouped MULTIPLE docking ports. Set up subassembly with 2-4 standart docking ports for further use.
  8. Hello! Since last thursday every time i'm open there's at least two zillion hours long streams starting, so it's sounds quite weirdou. I may be missing something, but is there any way to disable twitch autoplay on main page?
  9. So most of KSP perfomance issues related to CPU power, not GPU? My current rig is pretty outdated - dual core pentium 2.5 GHz, but i have spare 4-core 8-thread 2.66 GHz HP Proliant server. Should i expect some perfomance boost due to move KSP to this platform?
  10. Fellas, what do u think about showing Ap and Pe markers on the orbit of object u have targetting now?