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  1. Changing resoultion or UI scale doesn't fixing it. I'm waiting for more steps KSP: 64bit Problem: Camera Tools doesn't work Reproduction Steps: Pressing "/" shows little "toolbar" or something like at the screen in my previous post. Mods Installed: Camera Tools 1.0.5 Log: Log
  2. Hello! I got problem with "Camera Tools" (I have got latest KSP version and latest "Camera Tools") The problem is with activating main window ingame. When I press "/" a window appears but looks like out of the screen. I see this as no compability with versions, because i don't see mod at stock toolbar. I tried it with 64x and 32x so I don't know how to solve that. I don't have other mods. Thanks for help!
  3. Just scatterer and bd armory camera
  4. Everyone know my main rule - no mods (just visual ones)
  5. Nothing hidden here It's 15 part craft - 1x cockpit, 2x nose tank, 2x actual noses, 4x wings, 2x air intakes, 2x engines, 2x octagonal cubic (that steel cubes). I need them to attach the engines
  6. I made something smaller a.k.a. cupcake lander. I don't know if I should post actual craft because it's so simple. VIDEO
  7. Ekhm... but yeah... it's old ;d
  8. Space Ranger by marex333 on Sketchfab Download - LINK
  9. I clipped them, but... I added my developed suspension idea, so the ride is softer - - - Updated - - - They got screen (sun energy recharge panel) So we can pretend that they see through cameras ;d
  10. Space Ranger by marex333 on Sketchfab Download - LINK
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