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  1. I really admire what you’re doing, sir. You told us if anyone talks about the secret organization, we gotta get his balls.
  2. Some time ago, I noticed how disproportionately massive cockpits were to other aircraft parts, resulting in nose heavy planes in the absence of a rocket engine on the back. What started as a rampage against heavy cockpits metamorphosed into something much more sinister. Using 3ds Max, I created and weighed aircraft structure to create a frame of reference, and thus the games began. Aircraft parts have all been measured and "weighed" using the "volume" of their surface area, including external and internal structure. A considerable weight reduction for airplanes has resulted. Flight deck components such as switch panels, computers, seats, and pilot interface have also been accounted for in part mass. Fuel tanks were measured, and internal structures modeled from scratch to determine fuel capacity. Fuel capacities have also been added to additional wings. Applying rules learned for aircraft has also resulted in dry-mass reductions for all fuel tanks. Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, and Monopropellant were removed from the game, replaced by JetA-1, KeroLox, HydroLox, and MMH/NTO. This is where Firespitter comes in: each fuel tank has several variants, but now only carries one type of fuel per tank. As a friend kindly stated, I went "Vlad the Impaler" on reaction wheels; they have been removed. Engines have had their masses tweaked, placing them on a steady TWR curve, with the most powerful engines featuring the highest TWRs. Many liquid fuel engines can no longer throttle below 70%, so stages and burns must be planned accordingly. MechJeb is not required, but the module has been integrated into command modules, as well as Kerbals on EVA. Requires Module Manager and Firespitter Download: SilverWolf Rebalance 0.1 Imgur Album: All Rights Reserved.
  3. SilverWolf Aerospace 0.1 has been re-released, and is available on CurseForge.
  4. ModuleManager, there it is. lol. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Is this compatible with 145? I'm having some trouble in that department, despite a clean install.
  6. I have two saves. Once is aptly named "Crashbox," and the other is my career. All vehicles are tested ad naseum in the simulator (Crashbox) until confidence is high. Once all the gremlins are worked out, the vehicle enters production. Its craft file is moved to Career, and only very minor alterations are permitted (such as adding a piece of equipment, or removing an antenna.) Any modification that does not fall under the purview of a CDL essentially cancels the vehicle's airworthiness, and it must return to Crashbox to receive an STC. What happens in Crashbox, stays in Crashbox. Once a vehicle flies in career, optimal or catastrophic, the results are final. There is no reverting. There are no quick saves. Kerbals do not rise from the dead. I find the introduction of such finality keeps my knuckles white. No one gets left behind, and no Kerbal is expendable. On a side note, I don't hire new Kerbals. I bolster my ranks by rescuing those the Contractors left for dead. As a result of playing MMOs for many years, I'm a completionist. I farm Kerbin for every scrap of science possible before leaving for the Mun. This is quite tedious, and dangerous, but it also means I typically leave for the Mun fairly well prepared. I don't use rockets. Everything, including tankers, are airplanes.
  7. Heavy aerodynamics, isn't it?
  8. Good evening. I am attempting to unify my ID across several forums. Is "SilverWolf" available? If it is, I request the change of my username. Thanks.
  9. Maybe sometime down the road, after I finish other parts I have planned.
  10. SilverWolf Aerospace is reopening its doors! After mulling it over for some time, I have decided to re-release this project. So, what is it? It is a humble collection of things I have wanted over the years. A more attractive, familiar cockpit for airliners and small freighters. Something a little more iconic when economy gives way for haste, and something completely new for exceeding the boundaries of sanity and atmosphere. I've also paid attention to the back of the plane, too, adding tail connectors I have longed for. Auxilliary power units included. Finally, I have a bad habit for mounting my wings low; so wing boxes of varying lengths with various cockpit and tail adapters have been thrown it; because an aircraft just looks better when it's streamlined. What's next, I have no idea. Download: As a friendly reminder, All Rights Reserved.
  11. Good morning folks. I'm having a frustrating one here. Unity refuses to write an IVA cfg file upon commanding "Save to Config." The errors follow. I have attempted the following resolutions with no remedy: Clean, unmodified KSP installation. Re-import of the latest KSP Part Tools in unity. Starting a config file for Unity. Deleted all objects and props with exception to the empty game object. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  12. I'm slightly disappointed that I don't have your support. Regardless, before you call it an "exploit," I would like to make you aware that while the reports themselves were rather generic, biomes splashed data rendered higher science data than their landed counterparts, much as Water Landed has a higher value.
  13. @Brent Kerman What exploit are you referring to? The tundra biome next to KSC? The point I am attempting to make here is that there is now lost science in the ether. I plan to continue demonstrating scenarios where a vehicle (or in my case, aircraft) is actually in a biome that is no longer recognized. Losing access to situations such has Highlands, Mountains, Badlands, and Ice Caps splashed is a large chunk of lost science, and if you're striving to restrict yourself to airplanes and spaceplanes, that's valuable science.
  14. Squeaky wheel is making some noise. Will continue making noise until squeaky wheel gets oil from development. There's nothing "Shores" about the aircraft's current position. KSC 104 radial for about 400. Please repair the biome boundaries.