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  1. Good morning folks. I'm having a frustrating one here. Unity refuses to write an IVA cfg file upon commanding "Save to Config." The errors follow. I have attempted the following resolutions with no remedy: Clean, unmodified KSP installation. Re-import of the latest KSP Part Tools in unity. Starting a config file for Unity. Deleted all objects and props with exception to the empty game object. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  2. I'm slightly disappointed that I don't have your support. Regardless, before you call it an "exploit," I would like to make you aware that while the reports themselves were rather generic, biomes splashed data rendered higher science data than their landed counterparts, much as Water Landed has a higher value.
  3. @Brent Kerman What exploit are you referring to? The tundra biome next to KSC? The point I am attempting to make here is that there is now lost science in the ether. I plan to continue demonstrating scenarios where a vehicle (or in my case, aircraft) is actually in a biome that is no longer recognized. Losing access to situations such has Highlands, Mountains, Badlands, and Ice Caps splashed is a large chunk of lost science, and if you're striving to restrict yourself to airplanes and spaceplanes, that's valuable science.
  4. Squeaky wheel is making some noise. Will continue making noise until squeaky wheel gets oil from development. There's nothing "Shores" about the aircraft's current position. KSC 104 radial for about 400. Please repair the biome boundaries.
  5. Stock tank balance

    If it's volume and capacity you're looking for, I already did this, in 3Ds Max.
  6. Decaying Orbits

    If we're going to lose sleep over inaccurate science, then there are existing issues that should be resolved before we haggle over adding new content. The first one that hits very close to home is the IntakeAir resource. Essentially, we're teaching that if you slap enough intakes on an engine, it'll run, and a jet engine is nothing more than a rocket that uses air, when it's something that's so much more complicated. It's not that this is a bad idea, it just belongs in a standalone modification, and not the base game itself. We want to keep the learning curve for new players as shallow as feasible, given this is rocket science, to maintain interest. Players desiring a more difficult experience can install mods, as most of us have.
  7. Decaying Orbits

    No. Kerbal space program is a conceptual learning game. It is not a high-fidelity simulator. Players who want high-fidelity simulation are more than welcome to install RSS, RF, FAR, AJE, MJ, and any of the other ad nauseum reality enhancements. The majority of KSP players are not represented here on the forums, and the average player should have a reasonable expectation that once they achieve orbit, and start parking things above the atmosphere; those objects will remain parked above the atmosphere until they uninstall the game.
  8. So, as I continue to re-explore Kerbin, one of the thing's I've immediately noticed is the biome maps have been redrawn -- much to my (and I hope others') displeasure. A perfect example: this was once my go-to spot for Highlands and Mountains Splashed data. Now it's been reduced to Shores. I've noticed the same thing has occurred in the Badlands way out East. There are many little lakes out there that are no longer Badlands, but shores. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm all for pulling the Tundra biome that was right next to KSC. But downgrading areas to Shores when I'm clearly in the Mountains or the swamps? C'mon Squad, quit fixing things until they're broke, will ya?
  9. Ah, so you're using NPR as EPR. Hey, last thing. I noticed you've got all the Tdes set to 250K and Mdes to .80. Typically at .8 my ITTs are 750ish C, so I plugged 1023 K into Tdes, and this is the error I got:
  10. Having a spot of trouble with this engine. Idle thrust is in the ballpark of 15 kN. minThrottle is being ignored. This is what I'm putting in: @PART[GE-CF34-8C5]:AFTER[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesAJEJet @maxThrust = 64.5 BPR = 5.0 CPR = 28.5 FPR = 1.5 Mdes = 0.8 Tdes = 250 eta_c = 0.95 eta_t = 0.98 eta_n = 0.9 FHV = 32000000 bird = 1350 TAB = 0 exhaustMixer = False adjustableNozzle = False thrustUpperLimit = 200 maxT3 = 900 defaultTPR = 0.90 drySFC = 0.3084428116 dryThrust = 64.5 minThrottle = 0.05 } @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = 1.105 #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PilotTube/description$ } } And this is what I'm getting back: GE-CF34-8C5 { ModuleEnginesAJEJet { Area = 0.245555 BPR = 5 CPR = 28.5 FPR = 1.5 Mdes = 0.8 Tdes = 250 eta_c = 0.95 eta_t = 0.98 eta_n = 0.9 FHV = 4.191106E+07 bird = 1350 TAB = 0 exhaustMixer = False adjustableNozzle = False defaultTPR = 0.9 minThrottle = 0.3300256 turbineAreaRatio = 0.0621081 drySFC = 0.3084428 dryThrust = 64.5 wetThrust = 0 idleNPR = 1.1 engineID = Cruise DeclaringAssemblyVersion = DeclaringAssemblyChecksum = B2-4C-74-C7-7F-FF-DF-77-74-48-3E-5B-C0-D3-E9-22 SolverEnginesVersion = SolverEnginesAssemblyChecksum = 15-EF-7B-EB-02-D4-AC-AC-7D-7A-4D-5D-34-F9-77-D2 } }
  11. This is an update to my thought process on the tech tree. A peer review would be highly appreciated.
  12. I've updated this for ModuleManager. I'm beginning work on an integrated tech tree tweak that will put aviation tech ahead of rockets. Below is my current thought process. I'm beginning to populate the nodes with parts. Thoughts?
  13. Have you ever had a stubborn key that wont clear? Take a look at the default Aerospike for a second, if you will. I've got @key,2, 3, and 4 = DELETE, but the key 10 = ### is still there.
  14. sweptWing Surface Area: 5.43 m MAC: 1.5294 Taper Ratio: 0.417 (0.416772) Mid Chord Sweep: 33.4993 tailFin Surface Area: 2.17 MAC: 1.5089 Taper ratio: 0.318993 Mid Chord Sweep: 30.1688 Here are your new numbers for the sweptWing and tailFin. I'll continue measuring lifting surfaces once I get done with my own stuff.