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  1. (same McJeb settings as above) So, I eliminated KAS/KIS from the gamedata folder. Of course the ship won't load, so I reload KAS/KIS, re-edit ship to remove 1 KIS payload and replace with 2 xenon tanks of similar size as KIS payload on the rover. I used in-game-orbit-cheat to get to Eeloo. First thing I noticed was the solar panels did not auto deploy as happens with KAS/KIS installed. I activate engines, land, decouple. Everything works fine and the solar panels did not auto deploy. I conclude the problem is in KAS/KIS. Is my logic sound? If so, is there a place to discuss
  2. I made another flight just to make sure. I made sure auto-deploy-solar-panels in Utilities was turned off. It was not on in the ascent module. It was not on in the landing module. Same problem. I think tomorrow I will temporarily remove KAS/KIS and see what happens. Not sure if this matters, but I also flew the craft to Eeloo without using the in-game-orbit-cheat. Made no difference. They still deploy after decouple.
  3. I am optimizing my vehicles for building a mining station on Eeloo. In the midst of this I installed KAS/KIS for the first time. Something really weird is happening and I do not know if it is due to the mods, or the game, or my stupidity. I built a skycrane/rover combination. I am using the in-game-cheat to orbit it around Eeloo while I optimize its functioning. When I first show up orbiting Eeloo all the solar panels deploy. I manually close all the gigantors on the rover and leave the solar panels on the skycrane deployed. Then I activate the engines and land. The rover is und
  4. Yes, I use autostage. When I fly the rover I tell it to stop at stage 2, which is before the docking port. So it's ignoring that command?
  5. Here's the log file. Sorry, I'm new at this stuff. I believe that my mining ship has an action group of 4 and the rover has an action group of 4. I think they are interacting. Don't you need the ship files to be able to deal with that? Seems like you'd need the space station, the mining ship and the rover files to be able to recreate the problem, because they have to all have to hooked together to make the problem happen. BTW I saw the rover decouple 3 different times. But I have moved past the problem by landing the rover without connecting to the space station first. The miner cra
  6. I posted that as I ran out for work. More info. I am using KSP on Win10/Steam and with MechJeb. I was running v2.8.3 when the first two occurrences happened. I upgraded to the latest MechJeb and flew out to Vall again and got the same results. So KSP and my only addon are up to date. I use action groups on most of my ships. Something triggers action group 4 when I dock. Here are some images. https://imgur.com/l1klWWk https://imgur.com/ZTCz0eo https://imgur.com/4KYSpHs https://imgur.com/Mj2ZLw8 https://imgur.com/IwvVy8D https://imgur.com/7eWboGz http
  7. I have a lander/rover ship that I am docking with my space station. Right after I dock, the rover decouples from the lander and floats off in space. I never touched the keyboard or anything else. What is going on?
  8. It's been a while since I have played KSP. I finally got a rover down to Eve to find out Eve has changed so much, the fun is gone. Rovers slide all over the place. If you can't stop, you can't save the game. If you run out of power on the way up to a peak, you get to slide all the way down to the base. You can no longer make it to the top of the mountains. Gravity is supposed to be high, I suppose that is why rovers slide instead of coming to a stop? Then why is it I can click on a command chair 4' off the ground and gravity doesn't even affect that "jump" of 4'??? Kerbals hop up there re
  9. I was sending off crash report fairly frequently.
  10. Happy BD bro. Ubuntu 14+ Today's 1.1.1 update and MechJeb x.x.5.7 1) Dang! I still have this yellow mask over the navball when a maneuver node is being executed.The mask is a parallelogram. One corner is the center of the nav ball. The next two are at d/v max and d/v min on the "blue burn gauge". The last corner is "out in space" but makes a mirror angle of the opposite side. Don't know how to describe that better. 2) The ship selector container LIST (file open) in the VAB still goes outside the container. 3) Feels Smooth - I don't remember fighting the maneuver node.
  11. I was going to quit playing for a while due to exploding landing gear. Thanks to the hard work at Squad, I am flying back to get a piece of Eve.
  12. great tip - downloaded it It used to be in the VAB when you had 6 radial decouplers in the staging bar, you could select just one of them and move it away from the others. I can only seem to grab all six. I need to grab them individually. How is this accomplished now? Thanks
  13. Looks like you were correct. But why the inconsistency? Board one way in the seat and another in a capsule? And I should be able to load a pilot in the Assembly Building.
  14. It used to give the B option before v1 IIRC. I'll try your suggestion. In 1.0.5 I had to edit a file to make the MOD key RT SFHT. I hadn't got far enough in 1.1 to see that it is apparently setup already. Many thanks.
  15. I am running KSP 1.1 in Steam. Previously, I was running 1.0.5 from the desktop, both in Ubuntu. 1) I can never load a pilot into the command seat. The only option I have is F. B for board is never an option. I haven't seen anyone else mention this. Is this a known issue? I've seen Scott Manley use this "lawn chair" without issue.. 2) What are folks using for their new MOD key on linux? Guess that's it for now. Thanks.
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