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  1. Ah it was the .dll - strange thing is I only downloaded the mod yesterday! I also done a complete clean install of Kerbal and download just incase. Its working absolutely fine now!
  2. Hi. I don't know if its just me and I'm not installing this correctly or my system conflicting with this mod plugin. I'm suffering from constant crashes whenever I try to have this mod loaded, Kerbal becoming so unstable that the process will run for about 5minutes and then it would crash to the desktop without any warning. From what I've read I have not seen anyone else with the problem. The mods I'm running before I install this (stable) are: Romfarer Lazor System Aviation Lights Deep Space Mission Pack FireSpitter KAS Fustech Station Parts Chatterer HyperEdit MechJeb2 B9 Aerospace Pack R3 HL Airships NovaPunch Basic System Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) SP1 Intel Core I7-3930K NVidia Geforce GTX 680