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  1. Well it seems that my PS4 issues have come to a conclusion. My PS4 was beyond salvage, its broken beyond repair, or at least beyond that shop I took it to. We tried moving my hard drive to a donor machine, but it did not work. Seems sony isnt big on right to repair and bricks components while on rigs other than the one they rolled off the line on… shame really. My donor ps4 is chuggin along like a champ. But my PS4 issues had 1 last kick in them. My OG controller from PS4 launch finally gave up. Got a refurbished one at gamestop. Only complaint is that its previous owner seemed to live inside a cologne bottle as it stinks of cheap cologne. Good news is 2-3 or so days and it will flash off. Thats my saga of my ps4. Died on a wednesday and got back up and going this past wednesday. Circular i think.


  2. Update on my ps4 troublesmore sad news. They are having troubles getting anything to work. The hard drives were swapped but the tech gets only a black screen. He has a few more things hes going to try but this is getting bad. He agrees this should not be this hard. Its a pair of ps4s with similar tech stats so it should work. Is this a case of right to repair being blocked or bad luck? I have my guess. One idea of how to proceed is to revert the swap and see if the donor ps4 is fully operational. If it is he will see if my hard drive survived and try to daisy chain data over. Im honestly losing hope. I wont know until monday how it went. My luck says its going to fail and i cannot bring myself to hope it will succeed. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


  3. Update on ps4 power issue


    sad news. My motherboard has broken pins. Beyond repair.


    1. Spaceman.Spiff


      That’s unfortunate. Is it still under warranty?

    2. AlamoVampire


      Sadly my ps4 has not been under a warranty for a few years now. Its just that old lol


  4. In Memoriam: My best friend, brother from another mother. 02-09-1981 - 08-02-03-04-2020 (no one knows if it was the 2nd, 3rd or 4th when he actually passed away as he was alone in his 18 wheeler at a rest stop when he passed away :sob:). I cannot believe it has been a YEAR since he passed away. I am still trying to process it, understand it and accept it. I am struggling even more with the fact that I am older now than he was. His passing has left a giant hole in my life. I miss him more than I can express. A friend-no a brother not of blood but of choice like him comes but once a life time. I am lost with out him. I cannot imagine what his parents or his sister or even his estranged wife must have felt then or now a year on. I ask any who read this a favor. Take a few moments in silence to think either on him or on someone with whom you share such a close bond as he and I shared. Maybe somehow where ever he is he will feel our warm thoughts. 

    My brother where ever you find yourself in the great beyond, you are missed so much. I will never forget you. <S>




  5. If I knew 1 year ago today what I know right now I would try to change the future. 1 year ago today marks the last time I would ever exchange texts with my best friend, my brother from another mother. We were getting ready for the release of MS Flight Simulator2020. His final word to me came at 4:44 pm 1 year ago today. That word was a reply to my asking when he would be able to help me get a new hard drive installed in my computer. A rig I had him build me. His final word to me was “Possibly”. What I did not know was that my world was less than a week out from being altered in a profound way that almost a year later is still affecting me. No one knows for certain when exactly it happened, but I would learn on August 5, 2020 that he had passed away. I miss him more than words can describe. Whats worse beyond the fact he was 39 or just how sudden it was is that even now nearly a year later I have not yet been able to say a proper good bye to my best friend. Cherish every moment you have with your friends and loved ones. 

  6. My back:  Wanted to wait to see if it was healed, but my back feels as if its mostly healed!


  7. Yay 1111 rep! Its so symmetrical!


    1. Spaceman.Spiff


      I’m very glad the forums got fixed in time for us to see it!

    2. AlamoVampire


      Its wonderful innit? 


    3. Stormpilot


      Next you need to go to 2222 :) 

  8. Just a quick update on my back: I tweaked it early am on Tuesday just walking from my chair in front of my tv headed for a different room. Over the course of the next several days it got worse to a peak midday thursday. Friday and saturday showed signs of improvement. Its now sunday and im about to bed down. Back is healing I think. Hopeful to be fully healed over the course of a few more days. @Spaceman.Spiff Thank you for the well wishes in dnct thread!


    1. Deddly


      Aaaw. Take it easy, man. Back pain is no joke. Hope you make a full recovery soon, but don't rush it.

    2. AlamoVampire


      Thanks! Between taking alieve and resting its improving if slowly. Im just trying to take it as easy as I can.


    3. Stormpilot


      Stay easy. relax, sit back, and hope you heal fast :)

  9. i am so worn out.  3-26-21 marks 2 full weeks that my mother has been in assisted living. I am emotionally worn out. My dog is slowly adjusting to my mother not being in the house. my adjustment to it is coming slower. I have yet to come to complete terms with it. Everything they say about what a person feels when they move a loved one into assisted living is absolutely true. I cannot properly explain the amount of guilt <could I have done more? should I have done more? did putting her there mean I betrayed her?> or the grief that comes along with it. I said before and I mean it: cherish the little things you do with your loved ones. The time will come when you cannot do those things again. Go for a ride with them just because? Watch that silly movie you love to watch with them? Or just being able to hear them or hug them. Cherish it. Cherish it ALL.


  10. Today marks 6 months since I learned my best friend of 30 years passed away. How did time go this fast? Feels so raw still.


    1. Mikenike


      Wow. Sorry to hear about that.....

    2. AlamoVampire


      @Mikenikethank you. Im still struggling to process it half a year later. Heck I am struggling to comprehend the fact it has even been that long since I learned he passed. 122302052021

  11. I get asked every now and again what that string of numbers are at the end of my posts. Some have speculated they are time and date. Those speculations are 100% correct. Its a method for me to keep a more accurate track of my posts. The stamp is coded thus: hours (24hr clock) minutes month day year: 073911082020

  12. There is no forum where I can say this, so, I will say it here. I learned today that my best friend, my brother from another mother has passed away. I have no words to describe just how devastated I am. There just are no words.

    2020 the year that demands a reset.


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    2. AlamoVampire


      @Vanamonde thank you. 234708052020

    3. Gargamel


      Same here AV, my condolences, if those mean anything. 

    4. AlamoVampire


      @Gargamel Thank you. It has been an absolutely surreal month for me. I am still in absolute shock and have not yet figured out how this world works w/out my best friend and brother from another mother works. I still cannot believe it and we are now 2 days or so as I type this from it having been a month since I learned of his passing. It is so surreal. 2355009022020

  13. rA9 rA9


  14. 666 community reputation. Neat. 220306022020

  15. “Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.” Gaius Plinius Secundus


  16. Oh side thought: i put my ? Here as i dont know or think it merits a thread

  17. Heres a question i pose to any who wander by and notice: why does the location and interests portion of the profile read as “Array”? I do not have them set to say that yet they say it. Hmm

    1. James Kerman

      James Kerman

      It is a problem that was introduced with a forum update. The people who service our forum are aware of the issue and are working to remedy it.

    2. Dman979


      I've tried changing what mine are set to, but no dice. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

    3. AlamoVampire


      @James Kerman @Dman979 thanks for the info yall. just wanted to make sure I wasn't bonkers

  18. UGH this new look hurts my eyes... too much white... feels like i am in a hospital :( 

  19. Ever wonder what it would be like if you were not you? I wonder that about me sometimes... What if I was Jebediah?

    1. Deddly



      (That's what it would be like if I were Jebediah, anyway)

  20. Why must we shackle ourselves?

  21. how much longer i wonder...

  22. Where and when doth it end?

  23. i miss my beloved kitty still...   m

  24. American medical red tape stinks.   a

    1. AlamoVampire


      i pray no one need deal with it.   b

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