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  1. In Memoriam: My best friend, brother from another mother. 02-09-1981 - 08-02-03-04-2020 (no one knows if it was the 2nd, 3rd or 4th when he actually passed away as he was alone in his 18 wheeler at a rest stop when he passed away :sob:). I cannot believe it has been a YEAR since he passed away. I am still trying to process it, understand it and accept it. I am struggling even more with the fact that I am older now than he was. His passing has left a giant hole in my life. I miss him more than I can express. A friend-no a brother not of blood but of choice like him comes but once a life time. I am lost with out him. I cannot imagine what his parents or his sister or even his estranged wife must have felt then or now a year on. I ask any who read this a favor. Take a few moments in silence to think either on him or on someone with whom you share such a close bond as he and I shared. Maybe somehow where ever he is he will feel our warm thoughts. 

    My brother where ever you find yourself in the great beyond, you are missed so much. I will never forget you. <S>




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