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  1. Well it seems that my PS4 issues have come to a conclusion. My PS4 was beyond salvage, its broken beyond repair, or at least beyond that shop I took it to. We tried moving my hard drive to a donor machine, but it did not work. Seems sony isnt big on right to repair and bricks components while on rigs other than the one they rolled off the line on… shame really. My donor ps4 is chuggin along like a champ. But my PS4 issues had 1 last kick in them. My OG controller from PS4 launch finally gave up. Got a refurbished one at gamestop. Only complaint is that its previous owner seemed to live inside a cologne bottle as it stinks of cheap cologne. Good news is 2-3 or so days and it will flash off. Thats my saga of my ps4. Died on a wednesday and got back up and going this past wednesday. Circular i think.


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