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  1. There is no forum where I can say this, so, I will say it here. I learned today that my best friend, my brother from another mother has passed away. I have no words to describe just how devastated I am. There just are no words.

    2020 the year that demands a reset.


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    2. AlamoVampire


      @Vanamonde thank you. 234708052020

    3. Gargamel


      Same here AV, my condolences, if those mean anything. 

    4. AlamoVampire


      @Gargamel Thank you. It has been an absolutely surreal month for me. I am still in absolute shock and have not yet figured out how this world works w/out my best friend and brother from another mother works. I still cannot believe it and we are now 2 days or so as I type this from it having been a month since I learned of his passing. It is so surreal. 2355009022020

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