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  1. I have been here nearly a decade! And now that i think about it, thats almost 1/4 of my life, just shy of it, as im 41… oof im old. so @kspbiuitscursed while scott manley is a fine person, he was not the response I sought. “Hey What!” is the correct response. tubm knows what ren faire act uses the call and response of “Hey Audience!” & “Hey What!” and can tell me what the complete phrase is: I have been _____________. I am a _______ zombie. 044403252023
  2. Banned for misunderstanding my ban by thinking i was complaining but was championing the chain ban! 005203252023
  3. Banned for banning someone who banned you for banning someone who banned you thus starting a ban chain yourself, but then again your part of a larger ban chain 1187 pages long of banning people. 222703242023
  4. Im with Vanamonde in my curiosity. Theres more here and it asks why block the school like that? 204503242023
  5. I do not have ksp2 for now. tubm has seen a very specific act at the ren fair and with only that and a single question can give the expected and correct reply (correct per the acts instructions) to this: Hey Audience! 122003242023
  6. @adsii1970 iirc the sequel trilogy is being stripped from canon to be redone, but cant recall where i saw/read/heard that. the grogu fight scene in this weeks mandalorian was the worst thing ive ever seen. It was just so poorly done that it looks like 2 stage hands were playing catch with a toy and just tossing it back and forth over the child actor. The irritating fact that kennedy forced grogu back into the show by way of iirc book of boba fett which lets face it turned into a veiled season 2.5 of mandalorian is frankly gross. Kennedy needs to let favreau do his job and up the budget to avoid the horror of what we saw in the show this week with grogu. side note: they could not have chosen better with the actor who got grogu away from order 66. He caught so much undeserved hate for Jar Jar (idc if you hate the character, the actor did what he could with what he had been given) that to see him as a jedi was brilliant. 115203232023
  7. Nope. tubm has been banned by me at one point in the ban the user above you thread. 025903232023
  8. I ban you for the high crime of being the user above me and i ban myself for being the user above the user below me. Banception! 025803232023
  9. Robert Hunter Caldwell (August 15, 1951 – March 14, 2023) Joseph Anthony Pepitone (October 9, 1940 – March 13, 2023) Harry Peter "Bud" Grant Jr. (May 20, 1927 – March 11, 2023) 025603232023
  10. Banned just because my cat wants to ban you. 074403222023
  11. I do not. Until i see how things go i will not buy it. Things are slowly trending in a way i like, but certain things concern me enough to still stay away. tubm has seen a moonbow in person. 074303222023
  12. Banned last year, last month, last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, next century, next millennium, banned until the heat death of the universe. 020703222023
  13. Granted, they are the size of protons. i wish for all the world to switch all exterior lights to blue hues. 020503222023 oo new page!
  14. And the ban pendulum swings right back to you 174503212023
  15. Yup! Just wish i didnt live in bortle class 7 skies tubm: has played in the Calvinball thread 171503212023 new page!
  16. 3/10 just starting to see you around. 171003212023
  17. Banned for banning me. 1500 is 3, 1700 is 5 170903212023
  18. Lord of the rings is a poorly written knock off of game of thrones which is a poorly written knock off of harry potter which is a poorly written knock off the princess bride which is a grocery store romance novel. 170703212023
  19. Banned because once again, I can 170403212023 also new page!
  20. The rule added by @burn n crash is nullified as it stands in violation to the following: now, for violating the permanent rule they must sing the Very Sorry Song: 170103212023
  21. Banned for being cursed! @Jacob Kerman As I said, real vampires do not sparkle. So, how do I like them apples? You tell me. <stares dispassionately at you> 190003202023
  22. Banned because real vampires DONT SPARKLE!! 020703202023
  23. Granted, youre on a boat spinning inside a lava lamp. i wish to be unwished. 000703202023
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