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  1. Manned Mars mission poll

    not speaking of the travel from here to there concern and specific problems, but well , once there the moon interaction on bio being on earth keep me a little dubitative over time, adaption might take a few generation ... may be, may be not
  2. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    " well let's just say that's exactly how most being eyes works, could apply to sound, taste and else as well"
  3. Memes Megathread!

    eidt: another
  4. Pledge Alligence to the National Space Agency

    grats, pogona viticep are happy ^^
  5. Create A Ridiculous Building

    ... make me ask if trojan, worm virus for computers and ai can be compared to bacteria & else in the stomach and bio beings skin fauna flora ; the more the more they are ...
  6. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    when: while a few years ago you were being able code autocad without it's graphics interface and gui, but all the math part in #external on a hp gx, well you stopped coding and became a "bee caretaker" and now produce and attempt to seel bee product instead of coding when sometime you think the fun about coding on a hp 48 gx using external and barely reminding the basics years later even without any pratice is, hp 48 gx is not natively linked to internet, so on norton, panda, avg, kaspersky, mc affee, pc cillin etc & etc and etc are grumpy with the 48 gx xD when i don't use mechjeb, still long ago time to time i used autocad, and coded a large part of it's simple math just for fun xD
  7. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1958: here you just ask yourself if you should give your home computer to interpol, just per curiosity to ear what funny worms they may find in it
  8. No more limited likes?

    just made a test on an old thread, seem the limit is still here, dropped like 23 there and as i dropped a few after login, seem the limit is still here but it's already been discussed a few time, and tend to fall in the 5 post and duplicated account kind of stuff, if i remind well
  9. Could we send a Nokia 3310 to space?

    why would you send a nokia 3310 when you can send this: :3
  10. Incredibly Stupid/Pointless Superpowers

    the super useless power to: "the less you interact with other beings of your kind, the less you interact with them, and anway every attempt to interacting more or less with them doesn't change much how you feel about your super useless superpower, still it seem you tend to interacting more less & less more with them"
  11. Show off your drawings!

    it is yup ^^ just ,sort off, a mind multithreaded thought with something else, the sentence itself made me smile ^^ nice draw anyway ^^
  12. Don't Click This

    did i ever told you about mister anderson case ? nope ; nevermind
  13. The Ctrl+V thread!

    when /in discord and nox gateway routing, the fact i don't give a damn has nothing to do to do with the fact i'm blind or not /out when you don't like script kiddies that act like if they are snowden when they are not ... #yawn,bored,sigh,tralalala&next
  14. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    some login issue here, if you guy could give a check to my account history, might be interesting "" dunno . . .
  15. Show off your drawings!

  16. Manned Mars mission poll

    let's talk about iceberg ... %% floating ; %%swimming ... well how to say ... might explain a few post i guess
  17. Show off your drawings!

    some "weird" stuff as usual, may be may be not
  18. Are there any Astronauts on the forums?

    technically, people that travel in space daily ? basically all being living on earth do that, so yes there many i guess :3 :3 :3
  19. The Ctrl+V thread!

    i guess it depend where you stand when you see this all the time
  20. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    i was thinking, it's fascinating/terryfing/helpfull/dangerous how you can bind over time some stuff so deep in some beings way of thinking that there for a large part not even able to figure out to what point some of thoose thing are totally outdated and silly
  21. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    nope nope , just /Plain&StupidModeOn @Vanamonde next
  22. Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    question and answer are the same if you look at them in the mirror i wonder if idea are some sort of living being and if they travel through time, if some of them just die and if some of them are immortal, anyway some idea prolly get bigger and stay around longer than some biped while some others idea may be get smaller and stay around less time, may be each single idea is only a bet through time that biped can't perceive clearly so it's often easier to simply deny some of them
  23. Should We Launch a Kid to Space?

    while i m just gonna ask (again) "how environemental diversitieS impact evolution a single or multigenerational way ?" but i might as well necro the "what can we do with a galaxy sized computer" thread instead of asking that again and say "wow there a big hole after keppler belt", i m gonna play "dragon quest" as a slime level 1, prolly , prolly , prolly
  24. Manned Mars mission poll

    'sigh' i wish i used to be a turtle long ago 'sigh'
  25. Manned Mars mission poll

    :3 /insert moment around 1450 where cristophe colomb had that talk with that king somewhere and got a few boat ... apple who want some apple , newton maybe ?