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  1. Yeah, I was within 170m on each apsis and 0.004 degrees on inclination. After I disabled FMRS, Coherent Contracts, and Contract Configurator, it recognized the orbit.
  2. I wish you guys would stop repeating that nonsense. The contract conditions are independent, and you do not need to build a new craft to satisfy the orbit requirement. This is a technical question about the accuracy of orbits, not an "I didn't read the contract, halp pls" question. All of the contract's orbital parameters as well as my sat's orbit are in the OP. If you don't know how to read them and don't even know how the contract system works, please don't bother answering. In any case, I tested this in a clean save and the orbit was recognized without issue. This appears to be an issue with either FMRS, Coherent Contracts, or Contract Configurator. When I reloaded my career without those addons, it recognized the orbit as expected. Here we can see that you can complete the orbit/stability requirements without a valid ship:
  3. The contract requirements and my orbital parameters are both in the OP.
  4. edit: this appears to be an issue with either FMRS, Contract Configurator, or Coherent Contracts. The game recognizes the orbit without them running. I got a contract to put a satellite in Minmus orbit. The only parameter I'm missing is matching the orbit and remaining stable for 10 seconds. Here's the target orbit and my orbit from the save file: PARAM { name = SpecificOrbitParameter state = Incomplete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 targetBody = 3 deviationWindow = 3 difficultyFactor = 0.800000011920929 orbitType = 6 inclination = 29.4959648202019 eccentricity = 0.336474122040093 sma = 1018486.611352 lan = 330.015462362215 argumentOfPeriapsis = 90.9152758315248 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 1.00085459935079 epoch = 0 } ORBIT { SMA = 1018146.09885518 ECC = 0.336405005069997 INC = 29.4995900848707 LPE = 90.9649353361005 LAN = 330.016247052645 MNA = 5.43750381028034 EPH = 7551762.04827297 REF = 3 } It seems like this should be sufficiently close to the target.
  5. Do you have any plans on integrating navigation to/from KSP or the science waypoints? Also, it would be awesome to have some kind of ILS hold for landing... maybe integrating with the NavUtilities ILS or something?
  6. I installed KAX through CKAN today but it didn't extract the firespitter directory in the KAX archive, which contains a .cfg, and which resulted in no parts being loaded by the game on startup. I checked the file that CKAN downloaded, and it definitely has a firespitter folder in there, but it did not get extracted and does not show up under KAX's Contents in CKAN.
  7. Thanks. I didn't realize I had installed KAX at the same time. This appears to be an issue with CKAN.
  8. Are there any plans on expanding the crew roster bugfix to include other kinds of invalid data in save files? For example, if there is a contract in your save file that uses a company name from some part mod, and then you remove the mod, the game will hang on NREs when trying to autosave (like during scene changes) instead of just removing the contract or changing the agent value.
  9. Yeah I think ModuleFuelTanks is a Real Fuels module, that's why it isn't working. And I don't want to use Real Fuels. I guess the easy solution is to just turn off ullage simulation for the "pressurized" ones and don't require the actual RF stuff.
  10. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but pressurized tanks don't seem to exist for me. I've extracted the PressurizedFuelTanks.cfg to the GameData\EngineIgnitor directory, and the small engines say they require pressurized tanks, but no matter what tank I attach to them, they won't ignite and the fuel status on the engine's context menu always says "Unpressurized". Also I get this in the ksp.log: [LOG 17:45:59.847] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankSmallFlat/part/fuelTankSmallFlat' [ERR 17:45:59.851] Cannot find a Module of typename 'ModuleFuelTanks' [LOG 17:45:59.866] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/miniFuelTank/part/miniFuelTank' [ERR 17:45:59.871] Cannot find a Module of typename 'ModuleFuelTanks'
  11. Not sure if it's intended usage, but if you use 'polar' and a size argument, you get weird results, like this:
  12. One bug: I added a second engineer to a rocket (it had 2 sats on it), and the Engineer VAB window half-disappeared, leaving only a glitchy grey bar. When I went to launch, I couldn't click anything, even though the "clear debris from launchpad" and "abort launch" buttons lit up when moused over. I will try to replicate this when I get home. Feature requests: - orbital period - longitude of/time to ascending/descending nodes - longitude of periapsis and true anomaly (and by extension, the spacecraft's longitude relative to the planet it is orbiting, for adjusting phases)
  13. togfox: The trusses are from the Deep Space and Kosmos packs. This seems very Kerbal. I might try it, although I think keeping it upright when driving over hills might actually be harder than keeping it together during ascent/landing. It's an antenna, intended for connecting all my RemoteTech keosynchronous satellites. Hence the north pole. Update: MOAR TRUSSES.