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  1. Holy crap, Alex, your mind is just full of wonderful toys, isn't it?! Thanks again!
  2. Congrats on your first release!
  3. WHY am I just finding out about this!?!?!? This is outstanding! Great Mod!!!
  4. Sure, when I get some more free time, I'll post a few!
  5. What you have basically done is build us the "Modular Common Spacecraft Bus" of KSP. I have made a bunch of different configurations with the parts, the possibilities are endless. You are right about the landing legs needing replaced. Maybe a bit stronger set in the revision? Thanks again!
  6. That is great news! Both parts are great. I honestly can't decide which part of this package I am more excited about.
  7. This mod is freaking awesome! I already use Anvil and I love this landing system! Thanks! I do have a request: Would it be possible in the future to create a 'Hitchhiker" style crew container for the lander? It could take the place of the buggy and rigging holding it. Using the actual Hitchhiker container is aesthetically impossible for me. Thanks again!
  8. I looked up "Kadron" on spaceport and it popped right up. Kadron, nice work, this will make for some rather large ships!
  9. This is outstanding! Keep up the good work!
  10. Thanks, BobCat! Glad to see you survived the encounter with the Bearshark!
  11. Suggestion: Since this uses KT, you could add a runway before the driver, and just choose that as the launch point. This makes it easiest to shoot stuff off.
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