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  1. I didn't know about the material kits... i'll get a shipment of that up to the station and see if that fixes it >.>
  2. It's sitting at 2500/2500 machinery, and no option to deploy the ring. I'm wondering if this is an interaction between 1.9 and UKS as it's stating it's a 1.8 mod going by CKAN.
  3. So I'm playing on 1.9 and the 2.5M hab ring won't expand in orbit (but was able to in the VAB). All mods look updated according to CKAN (assuming you also let it use the 1.8 stuff). What kind of troubleshooting steps should I take?
  4. Does anyone know if there's a collapsible EVA seat? This would be helpful, especially if we're trying to create an Apollo style munar rover, especially with the new robotics parts.
  5. I wouldn't call them overpowered... more like a midrange between Stock and something like KW Rocketry. IMO, they're good enough and different enough at what they do that they compliment the stock game just fine.
  6. Can I have a DIY kit that builds multiple DIY kits, or can I only assign a pattern to a DIY kit on Kerbin?
  7. Is that one DIYKit per site, or one DIYKit per thing you want to build?
  8. I'm in the process of getting a Minmus processing base up and running, and I'd ideally like to send just enough hardware to Minmus so that I can create the rest of the parts for a better base (including orbital station) in situ. Do I absolutely need EL in order to produce a vehicle insitu, or is that something that the USI mods can do?
  9. Does blowing up the planet count for blowing up KSC?
  10. I know of https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/rammap for RAM, but AFAIK WinDirStat's only for disk usage. How did you configure it to create RAM maps?
  11. This is basically fear mongering until we see an official press release from Take Two on this matter.
  12. Well, if TakeTwo does something stupid and removes the mods from KSP it's gonna kill the community.
  13. It's been a while since I've been able to use Infernal Robotics, so I have two questions with it's current state: How critical is TweakScale? Did the rework parts pack get integrated into the base mod?
  14. From what I'm seeing of the S-IC construction, it looks like once you've gotten the core put together, there's a lot of subassembly construction, so you could have one person start working with bag 6 on the S-IC just building sub assemblies and allowing the person working on the S-IC to meet them in the middle basically, which would greatly accelerate the construction. The same could be done for S-II also. The only thing that's not clear on S-IC is how they're handling the intertank, specifically with the blocks that you're using to complete it. Are those basically 8 of the same sub assembly, or are the two batches of four slightly different?
  15. That's good to know =) So factoring in: So taking the bag mapping and the stuff from the PDF, that means we have the following bags => hardware mapping Bags 1-6: S-1C Bags 7-10: S-II Bag 11: S-IVB Bag 12: Everything else So with sufficient devices, you could definitely put quite a few people to work making stuff. That could be quite a fun family project =)
  16. If we wanted to conscript include friends and family with the build process, how well does the set allow for parallel construction?
  17. Thanks for the tips! =D If anyone else has any other advice, please let me know =) I wish we could time it for this, but we're going for a birthday, so it's more hoping that the launch schedule lines up with the visit as people are flying in.
  18. I'm going to be visiting the real KSC [not the Kerbal one] later this summer so.... Does anyone have any recommendations on stuff to do (or avoid) at KSC and the surrounding area?
  19. Yeah, but what would be an ever better run of it is to have the landing on Duna occur in the same spot all three times, and land back at KSP all three times. And while we're at it, if you can actually manage to land ON the launch pad twice (so all three trips start from the same spot), that would be even more impressive. Yeah, it's been done, but Hazardish has shown a level of precision that the other one didn't.
  20. Very impressive, and a solid work overall. **Throws Gauntlet** Now do Duna! =D
  21. I'm working with Sounding Rockets again for the first time in a long time, but I'm encountering an issue where I don't see how to stage the fairing shells... which is making things difficult. Sounding Rockets is one of about 63 mods being installed (all being managed via CKAN). There's no indication on staging, nor are there any hooks that I can use for the subgroups, so I'm wondering if there's something in the config I did wrong, or if there's something that has changed and I've just missed it. Edit: Did a wipe and reinstall of the KSP directory and all mods, and the issue is resolved.
  22. Soooo, we should start calling the kerbonauts kerblams and the Sun Kerbol? I like it!
  23. Do you think this mod is ready for publishing on CKAN? I'm not part of the team, but I know enough of the indexing to get you going along the path to getting OSF listed. Essentially, it boils down to getting a JSON file that defines your dependencies (if any exist), and any special installation instructions you may have. The targeted version of KSP and latest mod version is used to determine which version of the mod is being updated for CKAN. Keep in mind that this info is several months old, so it may not be entirely accurate. The spec is at: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Adding-a-mod-to-the-CKAN What I've done in the past to get mods added is create a rough draft of the JSON that has everything I see, then open a new issue here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/new That generally gets you going in the right direction. If it wasn't after midnight PST, I'd help get you started a bit better, but hopefully that sheds a bit more light on how CKAN works.
  24. Do not feed the magic boulder after midnight.
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