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  1. Is FAR and NEAR configs compatible with eachother?
  2. Another function added. Oxygen concentrator. I guess it's kind of compressor. It said in CFG it "multiplies the amount". Awesome, thanks for helping. You are gold
  3. The configs shared a few post back work perfect. I mean my own copy-paste work is not good. The only thing not working like it supposed to is my head, so no worries.
  4. Sorry for not responding, I been a little buzy lately. Thanks for the configs. I couldn't make my copying change anything ingame.
  5. Is the folders supposed to go inside with the 1.6 RT I have? And I cant find the download animation dll I need for the tracking dish.
  6. I really missed those old turning dishes and the probes. When launching something like space station supply it is so easy to just throw a few microsats on along with it. But the Aeroprobe 9 have a crew capacity of 3. I know kerbals are small, but really?? No big deal, I just delete the line in config file. Thanks for sharing the parts. I love it
  7. Awesome. Thanks. BTW I DL the tools from catalog, not in the pack. All working good with the balloon and blimp now. I guess I have to install the wind mod now and float away
  8. I downloaded the latest USI_Tools yesterday and still can't get balloon and blimp to work. I just have a question. Can you write a note to the probecore so it works with RT?
  9. Yes, I DL the PRE. Awesome. My problem is how to use the blimp and the balloon? I mean how get it to lift off?
  10. Not sure if I missed something. The big engine wide angle gimballing makes the movement look very brutal. What animation mod is doing that? I have AnimatedDecouplers, KineTech and BDanimationmodules. Awesome mod
  11. No no no, I didnt mean any rush. Please take your time to recover I am seriously in the dark when coming to MM config, I can barley copy a line from one part cfg to another. So I tried to copy the scrubber and purifier lines from SDHI to this one. I try it in a few mins. Waterpoofing?! Water purifier.. The combo of english not being my first language and a weeird autocorrect thing.
  12. Love this mod, awesome job. I just have a small/medium question. The SDHI has room for a scrubber and waterpoofing to work with TAC mod. Is it any config for it?
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