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  1. I tried a lot of skyboxes and i still see the line just as clear with all of them. My current one from the screen shots on the Spectra thread is Galenmacil_Skybox if it matters. However, I.m definitely not seeing that line in SVE. I have a separate install with SVE/SVT and there is no atmosphere hard edge and no line visible Comparison (normal and contrast enhanced) i know they're not the best screenshots to compare but i was in a hurry...
  2. Back with info on the line/discontinuity I finally managed to make a gif that shows it throughout an orbit. At first it seems to be skybox fixed but once you orbit you actually see it's tied to the planet's orientation. It only happens on the dayside of the orbit, and only at below approx 120k altitude. This is on a fresh 1.3.1 install with only Spectra and its dependencies (no Windowshine) Also, at the exact moment/altitude this appears there are these lines in the log. The log entries below are between the screenshot without the line and the first screenshot with the line fro
  3. Actually no. Surprisingly that does not bother me Let me increase the contrast again and highlight what I mean. I know it might seem small but at least to me it's quite visible in-game. Anyway thanks for all your work.
  4. First time trying a new install with Spectra and it looks amazing! I do have one issue. On the day side of an orbit there is a hard separation between what look to be two different shades of skyboxes. Been away from KSP a while so this might be a well known issues with one of the mods, but I don't know what to check. This happens with the default Spectra skybox and with a modified skybox. The effect is much more noticeable in-game due to motion so I increased the contrast for this image to highlight the effect
  5. I initially wanted to say i'm seeing the same with a clean 1.3.1 install and just KJR. But now this little jump at physics load seems to happen with just base KSP, no mods. I'll keep checking
  6. Yes, i just finished testing and it's due to RealPlume. I checked and it was also reported on the RP thread on Friday.
  7. @pawulonn1 sorry, man i really don't know what you mean. You're saying there is a conflict with a specific mod? And that I should find it by installing mods one by one or in groups? Sorry if I seem thick.
  8. So I can't tell if this is a know issue or not: When switching to a landed craft via the Tracking Station or launching a craft (more visible on the runway) the craft appears at ground level, then the "Physics Easing" text comes up, the craft disappears and reappears a few meters higher, most of the times tilted to one side. This only happens with KJR installed.
  9. Is it just me or is the ocean sun reflection faded in 0256? Or is it supposed to be this way? Comparison (can't seem to insert images...): 1.1.3 with 0255 http://imgur.com/OJlsboq 1.2 with 0256 http://imgur.com/e144vaj
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