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  1. Just use a simple rocket that you used to fly to mun or minmus. But when gravity turn comes,turn to ice poles. When you have a vertical sub-orbit just burn enough that blue line ending touches ice cap (actually burn a little bit more,because..you know..atmosphere!) Then use parachutes to land.
  2. I'm not sure what was that,but like a few months ago i was landing on duna,and I saw 2 white figures on it. Since then I didn't land anything on duna.
  3. Duna is the creepiest planet. Don't ask me why please
  4. EVA a kerbal,right click the pod or the experiment tool (like goo or so),and select "collect experiments".After that,go to the lab and simply enter it or right click to place experiments. hope that helps
  5. every planet scares me. But duna is a place I will never come back to.
  6. Amazing! I can't even imagine the way you did this
  7. I tried to clip some tanks. The result wasn't very nice,it was rotating by itself. 23.5 fixed TOO much stuff
  8. duhh,there is already a thread about that, but this attempt is horrible,it's JebEdiah,not jebi ;3
  9. a good idea,you can use a probe as the box and make it surrounded by some strong stuff
  10. I have a tutorial It isn't perfect but I hope it helps you
  11. oh,I guess I'll try to get science from moon,and store it to a pod,then just deliver it to kerbin
  12. which adds an additional part you can store science in.
  13. I want to make multiple experiments for minmus biomes,but I can't find a way to store them all (I am planning to recover them) The manned pod can't store alot of experiments.Any advices on how to do it?
  14. Do I get science stored on lab when i clean it? also,if yes,can I recover science lab to get all the science I got from goo and bays?
  15. So when you do science with goo or materials bay,you can see that the green bar isn't full.What does that mean? (like the one side is light green,and the other is dark green (doing the experiment 1st time)) Also,does science bay store science from materials bay,and when you recover the science bay you get the science as you would recover the bay or goo,or does it just process the science and keep it in the bay or goo. And what does the whole science lab processing do,I mean,what does it do to the science amount?
  16. I didn't think so less people use docking mode for actual docking
  17. I have done kerbol orbit retrieval once,and kerbal had no eva fuel.I wish I had time to do this :/
  18. more than half of the stuff I saw here is probably in the mods section :3
  19. 1- F5 and F9 are your best friends. 2- Doing stuff without mods is waaay much more rewarding 3- mainsails for the beginning,skipper for the middle, 909 or lvN for the spaaaceee 4- alt + > or < does the physics warp,so you can make long thrust a short one! 5- it IS possible to get to every planet there is 6- Less is more
  20. I somehow managed to get it into orbit,well the fuel is really a lack here :/ Anyway,the lander is somewhat unbalanced,I am trying to land now...and it swings to a side when I apply thrust + the IVA views of the guys...
  21. the craft is really too wobbly and the third stage has too low TWR to help me get into orbit :/
  22. I'd agree to stock-alike.Mod parts don't fit in ksp,really
  23. why was it moved to mission reports? I was just sharing a design other guy created
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