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  1. HebaruSan, I am using 1.4.3 versions of KSP and MHE with V1.25.1 Broglio. I have gone into "Compatible KSP Versions" and selected 1.4.2 and 1.4.1 as compatible with my build. When I do this I get an old update for "KW Rocketry Rebalanced" trying to ovewrite a newer update. KW-R-R trying to overwrite KW-R-R as newer due to the marking mistake that is marked as KSP 1.3.0 -1.4.99 compatible. KW-R-R is only marked as 1.4.1 compatible. Are you able to modify this to correct it?
  2. The struts in 1.4.2 are acting like a bungee cord. (not solid) Regards,
  3. HebaruSan, I'm sorry if my comments sounded off-base or even offensive. Not my intention. (English is not my first language) Please let me re-phrase. I see several mods going up on SpaceDock from devs who were placing mods on CKAN in previous versions, their updates for 1.4.2 are not showing up on CKAN. After speaking with one of the Devs he told me the following: ___Some Dev___ I've been using Spacedock to handle CKAN uploads and everything was fine until the last release 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 Spacedock had an option to automatically mark the existing 1.4.1 fil
  4. bcink,

    Love your work. Awesome ideas. I have seen your 1.4.1 versions available on CKAN but on your 1.4.2 versions are not showing up. Did you forget to add them or have you decided to stop usin CKAN for some reason?


    1. bcink


      Hey @Prowler_x1, thanks :D 

      I've been using Spacedock to handle CKAN uploads and everything was fine until the last release 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 Spacedock had an option to automatically mark the existing 1.4.1 file as 1.4.2 compatible and I did this, but it is apparently garbage as the only mod that made it to CKAN was DSSHU.

      Soo... I just went ahead and re-uploaded all the files for the mods and specifically marked them as 1.4.2 compatible. With any luck the CKAN team will get them and update accordingly.

      Thanks again!


    2. Prowler_x1



      On the contrary, I thank you. Your work has given me much joy through some very hard personal times.


  5. Why is nobody uploading mods to CKAN anymore? Can I contribute in any way to upload other peoples mods? Regards and best wishes,
  6. Has anyone tested this mod in 1.4.1? Is it up to snuff?
  7. Will we ever see this integrated into MKS as a config option?
  8. I get the engine layout and its a great idea. I do not want to discourage anyone building great mods for KSP but I find the elephants coming out of the engine sadistic at best. The "Easter Egg" or point could have been proved with Reliant Robins full of Cherry Pies without going into animal cruelty for an endangered species. Please do not get discouraged or upset. Love the engine, dislike the animal cruelty joke.
  9. Awesome stuff... Don't forget the "Backup, Import, Export Playlist" buttons.
  10. Felipe, Thank you. KSP has improved my quality of life drastically. Over the past years I have had to cope with great losses in my life regarding the death of loved ones. No matter how awful my days passed, KSP kept my brain occupied at night putting a smile on my face instead of tragedy, loneliness and sorrow. KSP has become a part of my soul and has teached me so many wonderful things. The most important lesson I learned is that no matter how many times you fail at something, if you keep at it long enough you will eventually find a way to succeed. "Never give up, never surrend
  11. Cheers, Here is hoping pizzaoverhead lands in front of his PC to resuscitate this essential and most wonderful MOD. KSP is not the same without a custom soundtrack.
  12. Awesome stuff, If you need a tester or collaborator I am at your service. I used to love the none protruding engines and RCS on the Super 100. Built in parachutes or ballutes was all it lacked, and maybe some disposable, snap-on, aerodynamic tanks.
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