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  1. I'm unable to retrieve science from non-reusable experiments manually - I can "review" the material study/goo observation, but my EVAing kerbals can't retrieve the data. I'm not sure this is a problem with this mod and not one of my others, but since this is the only one that should be affecting science experiments I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this?
  2. * TweakableEngineFairings: Fixed to more accurately track whether or not fairings/shrouds should be present, especially when loading jettisoned parts. I think this change is conflicting with one of the features of Ven's Stock Parts Revamp. The small engines in VSPR have an additional adapter added when attached to a larger-diameter fuel tank, but after updating TE the adapter is missing, so there is a small gap in between the engine and fuel tank.
  3. @ferram - I don't want to be a nag, but is there any ETA on 2.1? My current "mega-project" is in limbo until the KAS Strut fix.
  4. Bug Report: KJR v2 doesn't like KAS Strut Endpoints. After switching away from a vessel and switching back, all linked strut pairs are broken, with one endpoint of each pair having been sheared off. This bug was not present in the previously installed version (1.7?). Steps to reproduce: Install KAS and KJR. Launch any other ship at least minimum-load-distance away from KSC. Load ship KAS Strut Failure Test. "Launch" KAS Strut Failure Test. EVA attach two strut endpoints. Return to Pod. Switch away from KAS Strut Failure Test, then switch back. (Optional) Observe Structural Failure notice in mission log. Expected result: The struts are still attached to the ship and linked. Observed result: One endpoint has been broken off, destroying the link. Attempted resolution: Added "<string name="exemptModuleType3">KASModuleStrut</string>" to config.xml Result: No change. Other comments: Returning to Space Center and then selecting the strutted ship through the Tracking Station does not always produce this bug, but switching to another ship in orbit and switching back has a 100% failure rate.