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  1. Stock jet engines in FAR and you can put most aircraft into an orbit around Kerbin. With AJE, you have a lot of factors that go into it that limit your jet engine performance based on real life jet engine metrics. And the new jet engines found on like the F-22 "c"Raptor are about 1.2-1.4m across. They are PRETTY big. AJE even adjusted the masses of these engines to mirror their real life counterparts. Which also help balance them. I strongly suggest anyone running FAR run AJE with it. It makes for a far more enjoyable aircraft designing experience.
  2. I have a couple of completely reusable rockets, that work in FAR... The first one is WAY easier to fly and land.. I found coming in engines first is fine.. you engines have a MUCH higher temp tolerance than the rest of the craft. And when you put air brakes on the other end to keep the nose pointing away so you can create as much drag as possible to slow down. Once I am below 7.5km I should be going subsonic and can deploy my landing chutes.
  3. I have to think, I think I am at 5 years now... I started about the sametime as I started on the forums. I think it was version .23 back then.
  4. FAR is considerably more difficult to make a functional aircraft. EVEN more so if you use Advanced Jet Engines or AJE mod, which replaces the stock overpowered jet engines with more realistic jet engines for FAR.
  5. Ok in the AI settings for BDArmory what do you have the settings for it? Like what is the gun engagement range? What is the firing interval, what is the number of missiles per target settings? I tested the other night with 5 of my own aircraft to see if there is a bug in the system, mind you I am still using 1.43KSP. But I found when the aircraft were about 15km apart they would use AIM-120s first then when they got close 5km+/- they would use AIM-9s, inside of 2.5km they would switch to guns. But I shortened that to 2km.
  6. He is just sending a Kerbal to plant a flag.. its a night time launch.. you know... special forces style and all.
  7. And now for the F-152B Take off and climb out. Super cruise at 10km and feet wet. Hitting feet dry, at mach 2 still super cruising. Target lined up in targeting pod.. GPS coords sent to cruise missile guidance and launched at 10.9km Missile is on its way to target. SPLASH!!! Jettisoned second missile and was already turned home. Touchdown and drag chute deployed for landing. (yes I use drogues for my landings because brakes are "iffy") Total elapsed time 45min So score would be... Radar = -15.1 ( 8.7 +9.2+12.3) first hit = 100 Guided weapon = 0 No internal weapons= -5 Heat sig= 0 Cost savings = 10 Deployment alt = 10 (10.9km) Mission Time = -45 Total 54.9
  8. So I am trying to figure out how the cruise missiles work. They dont seem to function correctly for me. Sorry hit submit before I was done typing... But when I launch a cruise missile from an aircraft, like the air launched cruise missile and I have the targeting pod lasing the target and the missile just fires its engine and falls away and goes straight to the ground.. well more at a 45deg angle.
  9. Later this evening I will run a couple more through this mission... And I may do it once with my UCAV aircraft.. its an unmanned combat strike craft.
  10. Here is the first of several.... F/B-161 Radar cross section. 4.9x14.2x17.9 Internal ordnance load. super cruise at mach 1.4 80% throttle. Used guided weapons for this run. Total mission time 1hr 3min. Direct hit single weapon deployed. Deployed weapon from 8km. (I was just doing a fun level hit with the target painted with the targeting pod) ((I will add up the points later when I am not tired.)) Second run was in the modernization of my F-119CA Akula.. the F-119D Akula mk2. Take off, with 2 100 unit drop tanks, 2 AIM-9 Sidewinders for defense and 2 1000lb Rockeye dumb bombs. (completely unguided high drag bombs) Radar cross section. 3.5x8.3x12.2 Two bombs deployed, both hit, set to drop in twos. dropped at 2.5km ASL Super cruised at mach 1.3 at 80% throttle. Total mission time 1hr 4min. Landing was less than perfect on my part LOL. F/B-161 Radar cross section = -18.5 Deployment alt = +8 1st shot direct hit = +100 Total mission time= -63 Heat Signature = 0 External weapons= 0 Total = 27.5pts F-119D Radar cross section = -12 Deployment alt = +2 Total mission time = -64 1st shot direct hit = 100 Unguided bombs= +5 External stores = -5 Heat signature = 0 Cost savings = +10 Total = 36
  11. Ok just checking. I figured these would be counted as guided weapons... JDAM 1000lb bomb, TOW Missile, Hellfire, Maverick, RBS-15 Cruise Missile, AGM-165 Cruise Missile and a few other AGM I am probably forgetting. I dont plan on using guided weapons though. Probably using 1k snake-eye bombs or standard dumb bombs. Considering I can put a light load on the F-119CA Akula with 4 drop tanks and get it across that distance... and hope it has enough fuel for landing. AJE makes a HUGE difference in your fuel use.
  12. Quick question about the mission. You state the release height of the weapon is what is counted... can you fly higher than that till you get to the target area? And how would BD Armory weapons be scored? Because I can hit the target with a Maverick missile from 6KM out using the laser designator pod but the missile will travel through the structure because.. well KSP...
  13. So I am kind of up in the air over which aircraft to use for this challenge. I have my new strike aircraft... the FB-160... which has fuel to spare for this trip and is more than capable of destroying the target and everything around it need be. That is actually 2 rotary racks, the first one just happened to have 100unit drop tanks on them for range testing and 4 Hellfire missiles. But that craft super cruises at mach 1.2 at 97% throttle no afterburner at 7km alt. It is capable of hauling 16k pounds of bombs internally. Or I go with my tried and true... new leading fighter.. the F-152B... Not at all stealthy, but has great internal fuel range and is actually the easiest to fly and land.... thanks to a drogue landing chute. Or do I use the oldest aircraft in my inventory... the F-119CA Akula.... It has the range of a gnat without drop tanks... But it can super cruise at mach 3!!!!! at 99% throttle no afterburner. Or at mach 1.5 at 50% throttle. But has a whopping 15min of flight time on internal fuel. If I can I may do 3 aircraft tomorrow when I get home and get a chance.
  14. It is closer to 3/4th of the way up the throttle position. It will tell you when you are in afterburner. Not to mention you will see the afterburner.
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