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  1. Hodo

    How do you SSTO to duna?

    Duna you have to treat like a zero atmosphere planet. The atmosphere is kind of a joke.. much like Mars in real life. Even with parachutes you could still be going supersonic on impact with the ground. So the best bet is retro rockets or some kind of decent rocket to slow your speed and let you land like a VTOL.
  2. Hodo

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    Thank you for the kind words. It is true, I am a bit SSTO plane crazy. I managed to build, test, and use one of the biggest FAR+DRE SSTO space planes ever used. And it was actually easy to fly. I have yet to try and build anything like that again... now I am going a bit smaller. Next goal is to get my tail landing rocket designs working and see if I can do a completely recoverable SSTO tail landing rocket without the assist of parachutes. Planes are easy... to me.
  3. Hodo

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    SSTOs come in two flavors... Single Stage to Orbit space planes and Single Stage to Orbit rockets. I used to only build planes.. but now that I have discovered the speed and new challenges of launching SSTO rockets it has become a new game for me. Where as before it could take upwards of 10-15min to get a plane into orbit and deploy the cargo... now I can do it half the time, and have a fairly easy to fly craft. With many more landing options. I am sure I can even modify the base design and use it as a lander on Duna or most other planets except Eve. I love the SSTO designs they often are far easier to use.
  4. Hodo

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    So I had been doing some research and I am going ask all of my FAR fanatics to help me with to test a theory. I was researching the British Electric Lightning.... I watched a story of the unlikely test pilot, interesting story I suggest looking it up. But I was reading about the aircraft design and how they went with an over-under engine design instead of a side by side like most twin engine fighters. This was to decrease the drag on the airframe. So I tested the design in FAR.... I built an aircraft using the MK2 fuselage that I set vertical instead of its standard horizontal and looked at the data. It had lower drag numbers and was faster at sea level and at altitude than the horizontal setup. But it had the glide slope of a brick. I dont have any current pictures of it but here is the basis for the design. I would love to see if the other engineering experts here can confirm that this is true in KSP+FAR.
  5. Hodo

    Real Airplanes (RO, AJE, FAR)

    Exactly. Problems you run into when doing this is the pros and cons of Delta wings or low wing loading designs, like the F-105, you end up with REALLY high landing speeds or low speed instability. I generally stick to cranked delta wing designs. This gives you a bit more control at lower speeds and a bit slower landing speed. While you do lose some high speed performance, nothing to drastic as to really matter.
  6. Technically the X-1 is not a SSTO. It is deployed from an aircraft which would have been the first stage.
  7. LOL a mission to Duna launched outside of the prime window, lets say launched the same day as this game launched... I think the mission would FINALLY be returning to Kerbin at this point.
  8. Thank you for trying. I just rolled back my install back to 1.45. It makes life so much easier while I wait. I wish I could help you but I know nothing about coding.
  9. I dont think BDArmory has been updated to 1.5 yet. You may have to wait for it to update before downloading and installing.
  10. Swing wings in stock KSP would be pretty pointless as how the drag is calculated. I agree with @Raptor9 the Tomcat was famous for so many things other than its variable geometry wings. When I was making swing wing designs I actually had about a half dozen working variants for FAR.
  11. Hodo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    all I did was revert back to the previous version so I can continue on my missions undisturbed.
  12. Hodo

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    It is odd, I have not had this issue. But I do run a modded KSP with BDA phyx extender. But I have noticed on some of my wheeled craft if I leave them out and jump to space center then back to them miles away on the other side of Kerben they jump.
  13. Are you using the latest unofficial release from the Github? What errors are showing up in your crash log? What other mods do you have running? There could be a conflict. Because again I have NO problems with FAR currently.
  14. My oldest picture, and the furthest I have landed a Kerbal. Landed on the moon of Duna, Ike. I have after 3 years never gone back.... And I still haven't made it to Dres. Been to Eve, Moho, Duna, Ike and all over Kerban.
  15. The unofficial release works fine for me. What is your error log showing?