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  1. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    According to the KSP Twitter account, everyone at Squad is OK, but very bad news for Mexico.
  2. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    7.1 Magnitude... many buildings collapsed. At least 48 dead and the number is changing rapidly. The quake was centered SE of Mexico City in Puebla near Izucar de Matamoros (star on map).
  3. I am using dev build 740. It seems that the post-staging timer that starts the new engine has stopped working. The pre-staging timer still works fine. Made sure I was using stock parts. Did a fresh install of KSP unmodded and Mechjeb to test it.
  4. Kerbin time versus Earth time

    I just use Hammer Time ! "Can't Touch This..."
  5. *I* appreciate your efforts and as the OFFICIAL arbiter and judge of all that is good and right in the world, you should feel most accomplished. Those who wish to complain are completely free to not use your mod.
  6. THANK-YOU ! I have been alarmed by some of my capsules sinking in some configurations and thought of the loss of Liberty Bell 7 and the near drowning of Gus Grissom who was later killed in the Apollo One fire.
  7. LOL Look what i found on YouTube xD

  8. Clarification

    Thanks so much for this complete and useful answer !
  9. Clarification

    I am still confused about the intended combined antenna capabilities. Do "direct" antennas actually "stack?" What about relay antennas? I am working with a very limited tech and money capability in a career game and it is making a big difference.
  10. You can do this with Mechjeb by using the advanced transfer function and assuring a close right (counter-clockwise) flyby with the fine tune closest approach function. This will cause your craft to gain delta-v, but make sure you stay above the Duna atmosphere. Of course, this does not guarantee a Jool encounter unless the relative positions of the planets are in exact alignment and I suspect that would only occur rarely; therefore, you would have to do a separate maneuver which may also take some time to construct and execute. Calculating an exact launch window for the most efficient transfer and executing it is likely a lengthy process.
  11. Career Mode at last

    I have played career mode for hundreds of hours and I have found that there is always a new way to build for any mission especially based on lessons learned and mods that add parts. For example, I eventually developed a set parachute strategy with drogues and a main chute that was safe for the troops and kept me from having to sit out a long, slow decent. Further, there are nearly endless variations of tanks and engines using solid rockets or asparagus staging. I am one of those types that would run the same sort of mission dozens of times observing results and tuning for optimal performance and cost.
  12. My advice is to have plenty of tranquilizers on hand for the wife and make sure that all Kerbals sign a release form before going on a mission. If all else fails, have the law firm of Kerman, Kerman, Kerman, and Kerman on hand for the lawsuit and make sure that you wink and promise the jury plenty of snacks.
  13. Forced orbit.

    Retrograde thrust would lower the orbit, unless you are talking about something like the Mun which is far too large. I have successfully moved an A-class asteroid into a low Kerbin orbit.
  14. Forced orbit.

    What you are doing is actually altering the escape velocity by inducing a force in addition to G.