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  1. I just love making fun wallpapers.
  2. I have found that it seems to make just as much sense in KSP to launch the Munar Module with its decent stage in its own launcher contained in a 2.5m fairing and the Command Module with its own launcher as trying to combine them in one launcher. Of course, the Command Module makes a rendezvous with the Munar Module after its landing and ascent to orbit. One does not even have to get beyond the 2.5m set of parts. I use a Delta IV configuration when I need extra delta-v. Anyone else?
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, but I am wondering why the label problem.
  4. Maybe I missed the reference. What is this option in the settings menu?
  5. What gets me is that they keep saying: "Was unable to complete the mission" or ANYTHING rather than CRASHED. IT CRASHED...IT HIT THE MOON AND WAS DESTROYED.
  6. The Israeli Beresheet Lunar lander is due to launch tomorrow on a Falcon 9 rocket. This video reminded me so much of KSP. Because of KSP, any number of our experienced players could have designed the mission they described.
  7. You can still go all the way up the stairs to the Control Room. Further, I had Valentina do an actual successful base jump from there.
  8. I made it to the top of the VAB with this VTOL - Rover Combination, but the thrust control is VERY hard as the engines spool up and down. If I hit the stage button, the VTOL part is supposed to separate and fly away.
  9. I have yet to find doors that open into anything
  10. I know the flagpole can be climbed. I also went up the staircase, and the ladders leading to the roof of the VAB, but failed three times getting to the roof at the top of the ladder and fell back down. I climbed the stairs of the Island Control Tower and went into the control room, but I haven't looked at that since 1.6.
  11. "You did it... you blew it all to hell!"
  12. I started roving around KSP and I discovered that one can indeed climb ladders at the tank farms and get a good look around. I also know that one can climb using stairwells. Has anyone found anything really strange at KSP that can be accessed on foot?
  13. Saw this article regarding "Flags of Earth" I had never seen before. Includes these (resized for use in KSP)