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  1. Maximum praise for an amazing mod. I navigated to the general direction facing the target docking port, activated the new SAS mode, and then did a small RCS burn towards the target (H key). I centered the yellow direction of travel indicator within the red target indicator. As I closed on the target, the indicator would drift, but using small RCS corrections (J/L and I/K keys) I kept the direction indicator centered. When I got close, I slowed it down to .1 m/s. The docking was so smooth I did not realize it had happened - no wagging about. THANKS!!
  2. If it did not slow like that, it would probably miss hitting the exact vector, oscillate around the vector or overshoot. Great precision is needed since small errors lead to HUGE changes in outcome when you are doing long range transfers.
  3. The video shown at the address looks just like a KSP staging error in which the parachute is deployed at launch. Unfortunately, this is a real person, a real rocket, and they are really dead. Viewer discretion is advised. https://nypost.com/2020/02/23/mad-mike-hughes-fatal-rocket-crash-caught-on-video/
  4. Checking out the looks of the new graphics, I did a flythough of the river and canyon complex east of KSP (latitude = -1.089319 longitude = 18.135708). It is gorgeous and fun to fly. The new screenshot maneuver mode makes it easy to compose nice looking wallpapers. Imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/5eoirow
  5. Just tried the new 1.9 edition and I have to say it looks magnificent and runs great. My favorite mods worked (MechJeb and For Science). The Desert Runway looks better and the Pyramids are improved. I had given up playing KSP waiting for this and I am so pleased. I hope that they continue to make these kinds of improvements.
  6. Today I dreamed I was a Kerbal. I was inside a MK1-3 Command Pod in orbit and was coming around Kerbin preparing to boost to the Mun. I remember wondering if I would actually hit the Mun SOI since I was going to do the burn manually. Just as I was preparing to start the engine, an asteroid a little bigger than my command pod came into view through the window and got bigger and bigger until I actually BUMPED it. I have been playing since 2013, but never dreamed about KSP before, much less that I WAS a Kerbal!
  7. Most folks who have played for a while are familiar with the KSP Temple in the Desert... But I accidentally discovered the origin of this type of "deity" in Mesopotamia!! He is Akkadian as shown by this cylinder seal from 2300 BC. Perhaps.... the Kerbals do not come from the far future, but from our past as they were recognized as Gods. The hat proves it and is distinctive!
  8. I was curious to see if I had seen ALL of the various loading screens and started to look for the directory and I cannot seem to find it. It seemed that there were new ones being generated. Where are the images stored?
  9. I also found it in the top left corner and not moveable. Using 1.8 version.
  10. @Lisias ran into the same problem with Tweakscale. He MIGHT know how to fix it. In the meantime, no Decoupler Shroud for 1.8
  11. I agree wholeheartedly. The game lacks a certain ambiance without this mod. The fact that it is adjustable is even better. I play a game called "Banished" and the constant mooing, clucking, and baaing of the livestock becomes annoying after a fashion. Too much of a good thing.
  12. @Lisias I may have noticed something significant. I used to see while tuning my aircraft that the authority used to go to 150 and default to 100. Now, with UNMODDED KSP 1.8 and UNMODDED Making History, the scale has changed. It now defaults to 20, further, they added the option of deploy angle that did not exist before. I do not know if this is a bug or a feature, but I am speculating that something changed in Unity regarding these variables or in their adoption of the new Unity. The change of scale could be the borking factor, BUT I could be wrong....
  13. @linuxgurugamer Just a side note... one of the things that keeps me from downloading or trying some mods is the maze of dependencies that some mods require. I find it intimidating especially when I find that some dependencies do not say that they are good for the current KSP version. For example, Scatterer works just fine BUT it doesn't say 1.73. I tried one mod and spent a lot of time setting it up, only to find its dependency needed updating, waste of time I could be playing
  14. @linuxgurugamer I thought I was losing my mind. Works perfectly now. I was not kidding when I said it was one of my favorite mods. Because it was you, I downloaded and installed a unmodded copy and spent forever trying to find the log file on my computer as it seemed to be hidden somewhere. They need to give you a free copy of KSP 2 in recognition of all your efforts and you can quote me on that. I don't even want to tell you how much time I spend on KSP. I would almost miss work because I wouldn't realize the time. I bought a new computer so i could add all the visual mods. Thanks for your patience!
  15. @linuxgurugamer I decided, hey... could be me... I created an **unmodded** vanilla 1.73 install. Noticed you did an update to Downloaded that. I copied the directory RealTimeClock2 to the GameData directory next to Squad. Prompted for MiniAVC and said yes. Started new game and no menu item and no clock. BTW running at 1920x1080 on AMD Ryzen with Radeon 580 and totally updated Windows 10 with 16GB Memory. Link to log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VuWnyOeRAEXB1Sm6jsgnevKvWEC0RiG/view?usp=sharing
  16. These are the mods I am using and I have "Making History", but not "Breaking Ground." It is notable that the file under "plugin data" is a text file that says "empty. "
  17. I loaded it up, got the AVC prompt and then I could not see it in settings under game difficulty nor in any scenes. I had used the mode before.
  18. BLESS YOU Linuxgurugamer!! I NEED this mod because otherwise I will play KSP unaware of food, sleep, or the possibility of developing blood clots in my legs because I sit for so long. I am not kidding. It might actually save my life! (It is not an addiction, it is educational!)
  19. I would love it if you kill enough Kerbals in career that the President relieves you of duty and the game is over. If things get bad enough, rioting breaks out in the cities. I would like if it had a randomly generated system with each new game.
  20. I would like to see a few cutscenes to add to the atmosphere of the game. In particular, it would be cool to have a recovery cutscene when a helicopter comes and recovers the object in question or a cutscene when a Kerbal is killed of some sort of memorial service and gravestone and a graveyard you could visit.
  21. Well, I installed it to 1.73 and it seems to work fine. You do have to exercise care when building really large and long boosters because they seem to flex at the joints and you get induced oscillation.
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