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  1. Hi there! Loved using this mod when I started playing years ago, glad to see it make a return! That said, I really loved the old Lobby, with the long rectangular window. Used to land them on planets sideways as bedroom modules with a view! Could there be a redux module that looks similar?
  2. Hi there! Found your mod while looking for an old one from ages ago, still haven't been able to find it. Was only really after it for one part, a variant of the Hitchhiker that was double-long with a huge rectangular window along its length. Could you maybe include something like that in this mod, because I'm really loving the parts you've made!
  3. So does the timewarp lock apply only when viewing the active leader, or can I leave and work on other ships while my fleets transfer?
  4. What mod are those landing legs from? I'm trying to build a similarly super heavyweight lander for Kethane mining, but the stock legs don't prodtrude down far enough from the centre ring of spherical tanks...
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