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  1. There is plenty of precedent in the Kerbal modding community of mods being maintained by user patches and end up being further developed by the original creators at a later date. B9 come to mind or AIES.
  2. Attention/Warning: Feature creep! Could the basic functionality of this mod be used in a reversed way too? I.e. to expand an orbit over time while the vessel is on rails? That would make realistic electromagnetic engines possible that don't bore people to death. Accelerate half the way to a different planet, brake the other half of the way.
  3. Engines got their Isp reduced in 1.0 because the new stock atmosphere is less dense than the old one was. To get 64k to work like previous we need something like KIDS-reverse, buffing the engines Isp.
  4. I think it's pretty canon and also enforced by CLS that 0.625 hatches are too small for Kerbals to pass through. (Part of the reason I prefer the HGR Soyuz parts over Tantares ones, the latter feel too small in a lot of cases)
  5. Test Log: Installation: KSP Fustek Station Parts R0.04a Apr 2015 Dependencies: CLS Firespitter Plugin 6.3.5 MFT 5.4.3 MM 2.5.13 Ship Manifest RasterPropMonitor 0.18.4 The internal FLEXrack props should now have a FLEXracks decal and a JSI-powered mission flag at the top, as well as a barcode sticker at the bottom - The FLEXracks have decals, mission flag and barcode sticker when looking into the module from the outside, in IVA said elements are not visible - Parts tested: Habitation, Habitation A, Utilities, Utilities A, Science, Science A Instead of separate module ID symbol textures, the icons are now part of the main texture atlas, and are applied over the appropriate module as floating decals - All module parts have a symbol, all parts have the right symbol - Parts tested: Resupply, Habitation, Habitation A, Logistics, Logistics A, Payload Bay, Payload Bay A, Utilities, Utilities A, Warehouse, Warehouse A, Science, Science A Same for the airlock / payload bay door warning labels, they are now decals too - All airlocks and payload bays have good looking warning labels - Parts tested: Kuest Airlock, Kuest Legacy, Payload Bay, Payload Bay A, Warehouse, Warehouse A The Karmony hatches will no longer have texture switching, since I want to keep this consistent across all texture packs - All hatches except the IACBM 2.5 one have the same texture across texture packs - Parts tested: Resupply, Habitation, Habitation A, Logistics, Logistics A, Utilities, Utilities A, Science, Science A, compactNode, compactNode A, Kirs, Kuest, Kuest Legacy, Kupola, IACBM 1.25, IACBM 2.5 - IACBM 2.5 retrofit hatch still has texture switching and an old hatch texture KSO texture pack has been removed as SippyFrog plans to eventually remake it from scratch - KSO textures don't show up in the FS texture switch menu - Parts tested: all MLI Blankets has not yet been updated to the new texture layout - some MLI blanket textures look okayish, the rest is broken (not a surprise I guess) MOARdV has been busy with other stuff, and so he hasn't had to time to help me fix the inconsistent viewport shutter animation issue; for now, I'm forcing the shutters to remain open all the time - Viewports can't be toggled - Parts tested:Habitation, Habitation A, Utilities, Utilities A, Science, Science A
  6. Please keep the pod retexes as a seperate download for example! The small lander can and the Mk1-2 Pod are just supreme and incredibly beautiful
  7. I risk coming across as a claqueur in this thread but to hell with it: the new visual tweaks look fantastic!
  8. Honestly, your shuttle missions are great! I'd advise to use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement though since it eases physics upon leaving time acceleration. Your station wouldn't wobble dangerously like it does in the vid!
  9. IMHO you need other mods for that. Especially the tanks from the Klockheed Martian SSE mod (or Procedural Parts from the Development section). Apart from that some tinkering with SRBs and the attachments between orbiter and tank will be needed.
  10. I use AIES M-SE Engines for my ATV, they look very much like the real ones. Just a quick something I threw together as an Orion-esque ship:
  11. Considering the game is mostly about building things from smaller parts I'd suggest to simply use a Monoprop tank and strap an LF/O one underneath it...
  12. How did you calculate the provisions? I used the spreadsheet with all the calculations made by TaranisElsu but the values never quite added up.