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  1. Is there a trick to deploying the Ranger MiniHabitat? I have two Kerbals, Jeb & Valentine, sandbox, full experience, on the runway. It's in his inventory. I right-click on the item and drag it out of the inventory. It turns that translucent KAS green. I rotate it around to see the fully-inflated habitat. I click my mouse. It stays for a few seconds and then reverts back to the packaged MiniHab. after that I can't pick it up, place it back in inventory, or anything else. I can disassemble it, that's about it. I reproduced the issue in an install that nothing but Squad, both DLC, MKS, USI-LS, KIS, KAS, . Log file: Gamedata folder: I've been playing with MKS for years, never used this part before. Thanks for your incredible work on the USI catalog, @RoverDude. Makes this game epic. Edit: I'm on 1.7.2. I know you haven't updated for that release yet, but I had a sneaking feeling I misunderstood this part's use. I thought it was a stand-alone habitat that you could inflate and put a couple of kerbals in long enough to stay alive for rescue.
  2. So ToolbarController is not a req of this mod? Damned odd, because I couldn't see the Toolbar until I installed the Controller.
  3. FYI, I don't see any reference to ToolbarController as a dependency in the OP anymore, @linuxgurugamer
  4. Is it possible to create blizzy buttons for mods that do not support the toolbar, or that default to the KSP toolbar, without asking the (no longer active) mod author to do it? It drives me nuts having two toolbars.
  5. I haven't seen this question addressed. When you start a sandbox game, the game gives you the option to include the whole Kerbal Experience part of the game (so you still have to level-up Kerbals in sandbox mode for more skills). However, the kerbal kreator that is bundled with MKS only creates 5-star kerbals. (Interface says 5-star Kerbals are mandatory for Sandbox and Science modes) So I end up with 4 "Veteran" kerbals who have to earn experience, and every other kerbal I hire is a noob expert. Is there a workaround for this, or am I missing something? Thanks for your time, RoverDude. Your suite of mods make this game for me.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I knew there were very detailed textures, and quite a few planets added by the mod, I just wanted to be sure I did not have some memory issues going on, as the increase in RAM usage was more than I expected.
  7. I wanted to drop some memory usage numbers, and get some feedback as to whether this is expected: Un-modded game, Sandbox mode, idle at KSC screen: 1494 MB in use by the game. Modded Game, GPO and it's dependencies only, Sandbox, idle at KSC screen: 5706 MB in use by the game. Is this normal? This mod and it's dependencies add ~4GB RAM usage?
  8. This. The "format" of these ribbons is that they have colors of the planet they represent, along with detail "icons" that reflect the specific achievement (i.e. SOE, orbit, Lander, Rover, etc). I want to use identical icons to the ones used in the original FF mod, but placed on ribbons that reflect the GPO planets.
  9. In my (heavily modded) install, using ETT, the "Sunflower" Portable Light Kit from USI's MKS mod is showing up in an "Unassigned" Node, not connected to any other (but available in Career at the start) on the far left center of the tree.
  10. @Nereid - Do you have a file of graphic assets you use for this? In particular I am looking for the icons, brass-ish in color, that look like pins on a given ribbon, designating specifics about the mission (i.e. the capsule on the right side of the ribbon, or the buttons designating multiple awards for the same ribbon) I am looking into creating a ribbonpack for @Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul, and would like to use the same aesthetics as the original if possible. Thanx in advance.
  11. Upon further investigation it appears the config file for this part referred to a file that didn't exist, or rather was named something else. I pointed the config file mesh call towards the actual file name. Then I restarted KSP, remade a welded part with that part in it, reloaded the game, and it was there, appearing correctly. The problem was with the file the config was pointed to to find the mesh, rather than the folder structure. In any case, clearly this was not an issue with the welding mod, but I appreciate you helping me narrow it down nonetheless. Thank k you. For reference, the original cfg file calls for a mesh named "trusslrg-adapter", but the actual filename for that mesh (at least in NearFuture 3.0) is "trusslrg-adapter-25". I understand Nertea warned against folder and path changes, but it was something I did carefully and with a good deal of investigation into the file and folders. In any case, the problem did not lie here, but in what amounts to a typo.
  12. My bad . . . permission granted. As for NearFuture, i am running v 3.0, and I combined all near future mods under one folder, named NearFuture, so they would populate under one tab in PartCatalog (i.e. Gamedata/NearFuture/FX, /Parts, /Patches, . . . etc) . This has not caused me any problems using the parts before, and in fact, other NearFuture parts (such as the adapter at the top of the MonoFuel stack) weld without issue.