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  1. I finally got the largest 3m KW Rocketry fuel tank in orbit and have started docking parts for a mission to Duna and one to Eve.
  2. Finally got a 3.75m KW fuel tank into orbit! Needed more veg.
  3. JRF, you got this completely right. I love space. This game is my escape. I want so badly to see Earth from orbit. To see the stars as clearly as the universe will allow. I likely will never achieve this, but Jeb, Bob, and Bill can and I live my dream vicariously through them.
  4. Trying to get a 3m KW Rocketry (mod) fuel tank into orbit. Can't be done!
  5. Whackjob, you are an inspiration for us all! Tonight, I build the fuel module for my space station. Things should get 'splody!
  6. Just starting to play around with EVAs. Pretty scary! But pretty..... well pretty!
  7. I built my first maneuverable plane! Called it the Rabbit Foot because you'll need all the luck you can get trying to land without landing gears! Things get 'splody.
  8. The habitation module for my space station "The Massive" going up!
  9. With the success of the "A Ha" thread (lots of thanks to nhnifong for the video ), why not have some laughs? Facepalms happen. A lot! My latest mission to dock a hitchhiker can hab module to my space station was full of fail. As I was on my final few metres of the amazingly stressful procedure, I realized I was doing this without fine controls on. I was zipping all over the place! Once everything was in place, I wanted to check how the little green guys were doing. BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS, THE CANS ARE EMPTY! Every test flight I remembered to fill the cans, but when it comes to the actual mission, no dice. Ps... yes, I am feeling thread-cocky.
  10. Just happened to me last night. I've been obsessed with docking lately and that transferred over to the dream world. All I remember from it is working with a Clamp-o-Tron Sr.
  11. Docked a habitation module to my space station! ... Ok, it was just three hitchhiker cans. Anywho, it's up there and that's what matters.
  12. From my latest mission. You can see the Space Center from here!
  13. I said pics were to come. Here is the reason I started this thread.