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  1. Yeah... I'm honestly sorta indifferent to whether we end up with realism or soupodynamics or something totally new and different. I just want it to stop changing so I can settle in and play.
  2. Took me a second to figure out what you'd done with those engine/intake clusters-- that's a really clever way to make a "big engine" out of a zillion little ones. I like it! As to flying hotdogs... I'm in complete and total agreement. That does seem to be the necessary design style. It's even what I called my test SSTO.
  3. I'm on board with the nerfs... but the nerfing seems wildly inconsistent. Planes definitely seem more realistic now... but I *accidentally* SSTO'd a tiny little 7-part test rocket playing around last night. 1.0 seems to heavily favor the 1950s sci-fi vision of one-piece land-on-tail rockets flying everywhere. Which, truth be told, I can probably get behind, realism or not.
  4. The burns do take a while-- I wouldn't want to fly it without MechJeb. With MechJeb, though, it's mostly just "set up the nodes and go to the grocery store for an hour or two." The hitchhiker storage can has had an IVA view for quite a while now-- at least back to 24, and possibly sooner. I'm not sure if you can click on it or not, although I suspect you can. I usually just click the "IVA" button on a kerbal that's in there. I love that interior-- it's got a real "space station" feel to it, and there's a bunch of kerbal jokes in there. (Edit: on re-reading your post, I see you meant the w
  5. Argh-- I not only paid, I double checked that all were visible, and there were descriptions on every image. It appears that the descriptions are lost, and many of the images have vanished. I will re-upload those when I get home tonight, and I'm sorry for the mess. I've had a lot of trouble with imgur lately-- descriptions and images are just randomly vanishing, from both new and old albums. I have no idea why. - - - Updated - - - It looks like imgur ate quite a few of the images as well as all the descriptions I put in. I'll blow the album away and re-upload as soon as I can-- I have the
  6. One more for the pile, Ziv... I feel bad piling this on just after you asked for help looking through the submissions! I used my Cormorant reusable SSTO to carry the Minnow interplanetary vehicle to orbit. Built and flown in .90, and the only mod used is MechJeb. Craft file for download Highlights: * The whole thing fits cleanly in a cargo bay * Jeb and Bill fly the Cormorant to LKO while Bob, Lorim, Nelfin, Elbald, and Borvey go to Jool * It actually worked! * 83 tons on the runway * SSTO lifter and one pod fully recovered Low points: * The Kraken was ever-present. I've never had this man
  7. Of course, both together weigh about double what a single OKTO2 weighed. This has some rather beefy ramifications-- it will increase the size of a well-optimized Eve ascent vehicle by something like 20%. I'm sure I'll get over it, but the old one was the central piece around which a lot of very complicated vehicles got built, since it was the lightest source of control and torque. And since the lightest replacement in .90 is so much heavier, the designs aren't something you can just rework a little and use-- they'll need to be fully rebuilt around the heavier core with substantially increa
  8. It's totally fine by me! I went back and re-read the challenge rules, and it turns out I missed the provisos to rule one... I thought I literally had to bring it all home, including any cargo I dropped, in order to meet the "fully reusable" challenge rules. In hindsight, that seems slightly insane, and I should have realized I was missing something. Thanks for taking the time to set the challenge up and review all the silliness we've all submitted. It's greatly appreciated, and really adds the sort of actual missions the game lacks right now.
  9. Sorry about the omission-- I even had MajorJim's entry in mind, I just somehow completely forgot to put it in the post. I've edited my original post to add it.
  10. I thought these were kinda funny-looking when I first built them... but they've grown on me. The Cormorant family of heavy-lift SSTO spaceplanes: Available in three option packages: Standard: (263 parts, 93.5t, $241,770, 6 passengers, 36t of cargo to LKO, max cargo length the same as an orange tank) Heavy: (265 parts, 94.02t, $240,822, 1 passenger, 40t+ of cargo to LKO, 33% longer cargo bay than standard) Crew Cab: (269 parts, 98.01t, $267,718, 18 passengers, same cargo weight/size as standard) *all weights include a full 36t orange tank as test cargo. Note: it's much easier to read the missi
  11. I humbly present the Cormorant (0.90) family of heavy-lift reusable SSTO spaceplanes as my "big" entry, all three under 100t but capable of delivering at least 36t of cargo to LKO. Further down, you can find the Loon III (0.25) as my "small" entry-- a ten-ton SSTOMdjLtPB. Available in three option packages: Standard: (263 parts, 93.5t, $241,770, 6 passengers, 36t of cargo to LKO, max cargo length the same as an orange tank) Heavy: (265 parts, 94.02t, $240,822, 1 passenger, 40t+ of cargo to LKO, 33% longer cargo bay than standard) Crew Cab: (269 parts, 98.01t, $267,718, 18 passengers, sam
  12. I felt like I was cheating, so I went ahead and built and flew the Heron III to Eve and back this afternoon, to make sure I was dotting and crossing all the things I needed to, even though you were nice enough to give me a pass. Besides... it gave me something new to do, and I was in a bit of an out-of-new-things-to-do dry spell with KSP anyway. The big differences are launch weight (The Heron III is 192.95t on the pad, while the Heron II was 258.405t), part count (334 vs. 500), and cost ($202,872 vs. $464,532). It sacrifices the vacuum lander and the 4-man habitat module, so it's a much mo
  13. [quote name=Laie;1692231And I want this challenge to be about returning from Eve' date=' not about crossing all t's and dotting all i's. The latter is often necessary, especially when I have doubts. Which in this case I don't. Take that badge, you earned it. However, Jebediah's level is supposed to be about taking off from sea level. I didn't expect that people would bring their own crawler-transporters.
  14. I feel like a complete and total imbecile asking this question, but what is a resource panel? Everybody else in the thread seems to know exactly what it means... so I gather I probably should. Alas, I am apparently a moron. Also, if it doesn't satisfy the requirements, it doesn't satisfy the requirements. Your challenge, your rules-- even if I've been to Eve a bazillion times, I don't want a badge I didn't really earn! I will probably not fly the entire multi-landing mission again because it took sometime like two and a half weeks of real life... but I would be happy to update the ship f
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